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Empire and Inequality Win Again

"The government could attain Obama's originally proposed $4 trillion in spending cuts over ten years simply by returning to the enormous military budgets of the Clinton era. But Obama has no intention of moving in this direction. "Defense" (military empire) spending has increased significantly under the supposedly antiwar president..."
to read Paul Street's "Empire and Inequality Win Again," August 5, 2011, click on


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No Hope - No Change 29.Aug.2011 11:27

I just knew it

boy what a let down and smoke and mirror president

he fooled us

Not All of Us 29.Aug.2011 15:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

Not all of us were fooled. I for example voted for Cynthia McKinney, Green.

Oh, the hysterical denunciations that were hurled at people like me, by confused distracted democrats who couldn't decide between a woman & a black, whereas i voted for both in one, that one being a real change-maker, not the bogus obama-clinton species. I don't hear those shrill voices now! They're silenced by shame, i assume.

And, i won't be fooled in '12 either.

not his defense department 30.Aug.2011 07:11


Isn't it obvious that it isn't Obama's defense department to run? He couldn't even appoint his own person, having to carry over from Bush, who couldn't run a hot dog stand. I'll bet Penatta isn't his, either. And his allies in Congress? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? They're both so high on the compromised list that it wouldn't surprise me if they're #2 and #3 on that list, after Obama himself.