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9.11 investigation


a rhyme for your paradigm
Follow the Money
Follow the Money
On nine eleven
The war (military, security and prison industrial) complex went to heaven

On an island with enclosed flowers
Was standing two great towers

Big planes hitting massive tops
Symmetrical collapse without a flop

Victims falling into the dirt
Dancing politicians waving bloody shirts

Molten metal in the WTC pit
Media instantly pointing in a fit

At the end of the day
Another building with symmetry fell away

Tower 7 went down
No plane was around

Lots of video of the planes
Many wait for their loved ones in vain

The EPA says the air is safe breath
Very soon the officials leave

A pentagon building just down the way
Came something earlier that same day

Another plane hit its wall
There was no image of it at all

In the state of Pennsylvania
Comes a story from Transylvania

Another plane vaporized on the ground
Its parts were not found

Just an accident the planes could not be intercepted
The defense of pretend could not be interrupted