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Portland Launches Biggest-Ever “Be On Our Side” Ad.

Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights along with other organizations and individuals concerned about peace and justice for Palestinians have launched the "Be on Our Side" campaign on Portland TriMet Public Transportation, starting August 25, 2011.
This campaign will run for 90 days on bus routes running in the Portland metro area reaching thousands of viewers daily. We anticipate more donations that will allow the campaign to continue. Each 90-day extension costs $1,425.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
5:00-6:30 pm
Pioneer Courthouse Square, Downtown Portland

Join us to inaugurate Portland's own "End U.S. Military Aid to Israel" campaign!

We are optimistic that this powerful message will help citizens of Portland become informed and aware of the need for change in American policy with Israel. Oregon along with the rest of the United States is facing financial hardship that causes cutbacks in schools, decreases social services, increases joblessness and poverty, and decreases health care coverage. Not only is U.S. military aid to Israel unconscionable, it contributes to the cutbacks of programs greatly needed here at home.

It is time to stop this unconditional $30 billion of U.S. tax dollars that Israel will receive by 2018. In Oregon alone, taxpayers will give over $28 million per year in federal tax dollars for Israel's military. It is time to change our unjust policies to productive ones that support justice and equality for Palestinians and the chance of peace for both Israeli Jews and the Palestinian people.

Contact the Portland campaign at info@auphr.org.

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