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The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court has been informed that a large number of current and former US officials have received illegal payments sent to the Vatican Bank. These payments were to keep these officials from performing their duties and prosecuting corrupt banksters. They are guilty of misprisons of felonies one and all.
Saturday, August 27, 2011
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Emerging Pentagon-CIA-NSA power faction preparing for mass arrest of US criminal oligarchs. Their "legal immunities" have no traction in law.
The US Fed fiat-casino banksters meeting at Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th August 2011), will have more than the inexorable economic grind-down of the Washington DC private corporation to worry about. Many of the attendees' personal liberties are at stake.

They can no longer rely on their bought-and-paid-for friends in the American Bar Association to protect them from their Úlite white-collar crimes. The BAR (British Accredited Regency) operates under the British Maritime Admiralty Law of Flags. But this DC corporation legal scam has been blown. American Constitutional Law is being quietly resurrected all across the old USA. And there is open talk of Treason.

Some of the major Western cabal conspirators, not just the banksters, but the auditors, the lawyers, the politicians, the war-mongering military NeoCons, and the mainstream media manipulators think that they have obtained "legal immunity" from their criminal actions. They have letters in hand and multiple assurances from their line managers to this effect. Such immunities are bogus and have no legitimate traction in law.

The individuals, institutions and courts which "granted" the so-called immunities are themselves corrupt and will be replaced by higher (and Constitutionally reformed) legal authorities worldwide. These new legal bodies will strike out all the papers and rulings issued by corrupt practice to protect corrupt practice.

Many of the conspirators holding the fake legal immunities have immense slushfunds at the Vatican Bank and elsewhere. Consider, for example, the list of prominent names at the foot of this letter written to John Glover Roberts (the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court) by Edward Falcone on Friday 21st January 2011.

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There is not going to be any Constitutional reform. This article is someone's fantasy of how the country will be restored to lawfulness and the Federal Reserve will be shut down. It's not going to happen. The Constitution is itself the problem. It creates a state, which is a hierarchical power structure. Every hierarchical power structure is corrupted by those who seek power, by those with money. Human beings will not return to their natural state of liberty until the nation state is dismantled and we return to tribal communities.