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Video: Human Rights - 10 Tips for Activism

This is a good video on human right activism.
This video shares ideas and tactics for engaging in Human Rights / Justice Activism
Theses are first hand ideas being used around the world on using technolgy and the social media tools and how to disimante the input of information to the world.
This first link is for downloading the 10 tactics files video:
(55 min video download link)

"Using 10 Tactics" [Home website]

10 Tactics uses a Creative Commons license Attribution Share Alike license and we encourage you to copy, distribute, re-mix, adapt, translate it and to use it in any way that will support your rights advocacy.

[quote] All we ask is that if you view 10 Tactics and it inspires a new idea or project; or if you use it part of a screening, workshop or in any other way please let us know about it!

The first download link I put on top of this post can be found on this page:

"Very interesting stuff is discussed in this; creative, informative, human rights, activism, around the world viewpoint video."

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com