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A Call Out to Liberals

What ever happened to third party politics
All right kids, in regards to the action that was taken against the police station the other week, kudos, you rock, no pun intended. Who I want to call out are the fastidious liberals, you know who you are, who seemed to have a problem with this action. Everywhere, fucking everywhere the left is mobilizing, getting over arguments over tactics and dress code to come together to fight right wing elements in our government.

It's interesting, because give me a minute and I'll be on the beach. I was in Tel Aviv recently, and was talking with a handful of Israelis who were talking about the social protests going on, hundreds of thousands strong, against the price of living and trying to find some coherent strain that could be seen as a link toward working toward a peaceful resolution with the Palestinian population. I asked guy, "is there an outlet for the political left here," "yeah, of course there is, more so than in the United States, but the same problem exists here as it does over there, we have a massive problem organizing. But there are still hundreds of thousands of people in tent cities strewn across this country, San Fransisco has literally taken control over your right to communicate via your chitty chat web sites, and your biggest problems are anarchists.

Now look at Egypt, whats happening in Egypt at the moment, dissent among the factions that were involved in the revolution. Its not violent as of yet and may never reach that point, God willing, but what does that tell you. That the millions of people standing in Tahir didnt all have the same views as one another, that they had coherency and organization, and actually did something other than sit around on their fat asses eating McChickens and defending a guy who if it wasnt for the fact that in his home state when running for senator wasnt going up against a guy who wanted to watch his wife have sex with strangers, quite literally would have been getting Bill Clintons coffee four years ago.

Liberals,instead of voting the guy who you wanted to drink a beer with into the presidency, you voted for the guy who looked good with a Black Berry and called that progress. This next election if you have a problem with people who put their well being, almost quite literally their lives on the line when smashing a police precinct to protest a state where the only Union B boy didnt sell out and works is the one that fights for people who engage in an act that when commited against my people is referred to as a pogrom, how about you vote for a candidate who isn't some creepy pseudo pedophile whose main ambition as mayor is to caricature himself in a sitcom about his dorky city while the police are out beating homeless folk within an inch of their lives only to watch them suffer in amusement...you know, for kicks. Another cowardly liberal who can't stand up to his political rivals. The police get away, literally with murder and in England where there was massive rioting, even the right wing pro police David Cameron saw it was time to take a swipe at the police department and the Liberal Democrats still came out and said he was too much of a law and order prime minister and that the government. Thats hope and change bitch. What would B man do in this circumstance, other than look wonderful in a photo opp., in your head, standing next to you holding a basketball.

Another question I want to pose because this is directed at liberals in Portland Oregon, what happened to third party politics. Can we get over the post 9/11 hysteria where the fate of the world hangs in the balance and if we don't elect a chicken shit one term senator from a city where he only one because his opponent was a degenerate the worlds going to end tomorrow. Barack Obama has failed, enough said. All across the board. Detaining socialists, labeling environmentalists as terrorists, watching B.P run rough shot over him, or US, and then letting them spill illegal dispersants, and THEN trying to tell us that an oil eating micro bacteria has eaten most of the oil up because appearantly he thinks we all huffed British Petroleum as children. What else, arrested a whistle blower, labeled him a criminal before trial. What else. bombed Gaddafi without congressional approval. what else, caved the Boston police department even after they engaged in a racist act. Uncle Tom. What else, another oil pipeline today. What else. The very least he did was sue Alabama over it's immigration law, and no doubt they'll pay as much attention to him as everyone else so far has... not much.

From Jaffa bitches
Ya boy

What's wrong with Liberals 28.Aug.2011 18:52


I'm a liberal and proud of it. I'm also a radical. I want to see this insane system brought down.

My preference would be some sort of Velvet Revolution but I'm not sure that's possible in the US with the corporate domination we now live under and that controls everything (media, cops, schools, gov't, etc.).

Still, I don't understand why you choose to make us your enemy. How about calling out the people making the mess.

I'm a member of the Green Party, which needs more members or it will lose it's ballot access.

I didn't vote for Obama (His vote on FISA was the first clear indication to me that he was wolf in sheep's clothing. I think people who support him are idiots, especially if they are liberals, progressives, greens, or anyone else on the left).

That's it for now. Peace and solidarity. We all need each other.

Two words for you.. Al Gore. 28.Aug.2011 22:55


Al Gore lost by 537 votes. Now you can make yourselves feel good by claiming the election was rigged, stolen, etc. Whatever. All of those newspapers that were sympathetic to Gore couldn't, no matter how they re-counted and re-counted those Florida votes ever come up with enough to put Gore ahead. They wanted to embarrass Bush, but could never do it with those dangling chads.
The point is, whether the 11 electoral votes Gore needed were up there in his home state of Tennessee or not is irrelevant.
What is important is that Everyone on the left including Michael Moore was campaigning, not for Gore, but for Ralph Nader, the third party candidate. Had those deep thinking and virtuous Florida progressives held their noses and voted for Gore, then Bush would have stayed the Governor of Texas and not the president for 8 years.
You can give yourselves a collective hum-job and tell yourselves that the Supreme Court picked Bush, if it makes you feel better than dealing with the reality of the situation.
The answer is a constitutional amendment for a run-off election if the winner does not get 50 percent of the electoral college vote.
Now, some 10 states have made laws that state that all the electoral votes go to the winner of the popular vote. The states that have done this are all Blue/Democrat states and the Red states are just laughing at them because the moment a Republican wins the popular vote he /she will automatically get all of those blue state electoral college votes, even if those electoral college votes means the Republican would lose. If a democrat wins the popular vote like Gore did, he would get those blue/democrat electoral votes anyway.
It's a dipshit way of trying to circumvent the constitution and it plays right into the Republicans hands.
We need a constitutional amendment for a possible run-off, so many third parties can complete and people can vote for those third parties without fear of casting an automatic vote to someone the loath.
Violence or whatever word you chose to cloak Violence in such as Vandalism is not the answer and just turns like minded people against you.

Two words for you... You fail. 29.Aug.2011 10:10


Your unwavering faith in a failed system is evidence of how long some people will obdurately cling to false hopes and a promise of ruin rather than risk the present for a potential future. Being stuck on the difference of bush and gore, or nader for that matter, is about as sad as it gets.

mustyumfood 29.Aug.2011 10:52


A failed system, if a far less than perfect system is a failed system, then yes, it's a failed system.
Yes, I want to improve the failed system and excuse me for not becoming yet another smelly dred-locked , bongo beating Jackoff begging for change on the street and demanding someone start a revolution on their behalf.
You want to impress me? Well going to the local police benevolent society and breaking a few windows like some addled school boy isn't going to do it.
Read up on the Buddist Monks of Vietnam that died by self-immolation as a protest. That was impressive. Nothing says pseudo-want-a-bee low rent pud-puller like breaking the windows of the local Starbucks.

Still Scapegoating Nader, eh? 29.Aug.2011 12:04


At justsomedude,

So you STILL blame Nader for "costing" Gore the election 11 fucking years ago? Even though Gore HAD ALREADY WON THAT ELECTION? Even though the system had already been rigged well in advance? Even though quite frankly, a Gore presidency wouldn't have been much different (9/11 was STILL going to happen, regardless. See - Project for a New American Century).

Nice logic you've got there.

Still Scapegoating Nader? 29.Aug.2011 12:18


Nope. I'm blaming those Na´ve do-gooder dumbshits in Florida for voting for him in a two person race. Yes it gave them instant gratification to vote for Nader, but it cost them for years.
Now you can make a valid argument that a Gore Presidency wouldn't have been any better than a Bush Presidency.
You can also make the argument that the Electoral college system sucks.
But you can't make the argument that Gore actually won when there is no evidence of his him having any more votes than Bush at any time in Florida.
A constitutional amendment for run-off elections is the only way that a third, fourth or fifth party ever has a shot in this country.

false-option, wrong answer 29.Aug.2011 14:14


So a person is a "dumbshit" because they made an individual choice to vote for the person they damn-well wanted to vote for, instead of opting INTO the false-option of choosing b/t two near-equally detestable people (for all we knew back then)?

What if you don't like ANY of the options? What if you think they ALL stink and opt NOT to vote at all? Is that person a "dumbshit" then, huh?

Lessor of evil 29.Aug.2011 15:06


If you want to end the two party monopoly, start by enacting Instant Runoff Voting. Hearing tonight at Portland City Hall. Please come out in support:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/08/410016.shtml

Damos(A) 29.Aug.2011 17:26


Well, Yes. If any of those people on November 3rd, wished they had voted for Gore instead of Nader because they didn't think their vote REALLY counted, and the voted for Nader but regretted it in the during the next 8 years then yes, they are dumbshits.

If they were either going to vote for Nader or stay home, and were proud and happy with their vote knowing they put Bush in office, then no, they aren't dumbshits. But I would suspect that that is a vast minority of those Nader voters in Florida.

All you have to do is look at all of the Ego salvaging that has gone on since. Blaming the Supreme Court, Judges, Diebold, and fucking Santa Claus for Bush being put into office. Its a self-defense mechanism, protecting the Ego. Because they can't handle the thought of their vote actually giving GW Bush the presidency. So the rationalize their selfish, na´ve, temper-tantrum of a vote by claiming the system is corrupt.

And people who can't face the truth, are destine to repeat their own mistakes by not recognizing them as mistakes.

amazing 30.Aug.2011 10:53


The most amazing part of this debate is how some of you think things would have been substantially different if Gore had beaten Bush.

As if Gore would have somehow turned things around and faced the country in the right direction, and said "no" to corporate and industry lobbying, and put the defense industry in its place.

Just like Obama, right? Oh wait, no. That's just more of the same bullshit.

So before you complain about Nader "stealing" votes from Gore, take a moment and realize that Gore wasn't going to be some magical tonic that would have cured anything.

I'm with Clyde 30.Aug.2011 18:43

Remembering Charlie Brown

How many times did Lucy put that football on a tee for Charlie Brown to kick? He'd run up and at the last minute, she always pulled it away.


"Vote for me, vote for me, and it will be better" they say.


Join the Green Party. Fuck the Democrats and all the corporate money they are tainted with.

They are complete B.S.

I voted for who I wanted 30.Aug.2011 18:50


for the liberal mouthpiece dude . . .

Still chewing on the liberal trope bone . . . thinking that "well, all those people who voted for Nader did so because they didn't want bush to win" . . . and really fucked up, instead of being really clever and voting for the bush spelled backwards = gore.

I'm going to stick my neck out, take a big leap of faith and claim (we're all "claiming" stuff here, aren't we?) that those who voted for Nader did so because they wanted Nader (not bush, not gore) to win. Imagine that?!! They didn't vote for Nader because they didn't want bush to win -- they voted for Nader because they wanted Nader to win!

So, dudeman, why not refresh the liberal trope and start braying that maybe it was some voters who went for busChENEY, who fucked up and prevented the great liberal hope from undoubtedly saving civilization, truth, justice and the american way. They, even more than Nader voters, robbed Gore of his destiny to prevent 911.

Disclaimer: I'm not going to say that Nader would have prevented 911, or achieved other parallel universe miracles (no more than, say, Gore would have). I'm claiming that those who voted for Nader did so because they wanted Nader to win, not necessarily because they wanted bush not to win. (Maybe the difference between voting for what you want rather than for what you don't want escapes some -- but keep working on it, it's all you've got.)

Further disclaimer: I no longer make choices on a ballot, as participating in the rigged process only ratifies the process itself, affirms the perpetuation of the rotten system, which is corrupt beyond "permitted" illusions of remedy. That is to say, my "vote" is to submit a blank ballot. I think there would have been a strong probability that if Nader had won, he would have had a fatal, or otherwise incapacitating accident, if not before taking office, certainly at some point in his term. If it had turned out that he was just another parasitic charlatan (establishment politician) . . . well, then, "fool me once . . . uh . . . er . . . can't fool me twice" (quote from the runt).

"It's better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don't want and get it." --Eugene Debs

nader video clip 2009 04.Sep.2011 13:58

why i did it - and voted for him


vidoe - this is why I want a person like this to be my president