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corporate dominance | imperialism & war

Who is responsible for the global pillage of corporate capitalism?

The ongoing pillage of our planet by capitalist globalization and the death and destruction of its wars and environmental degradation can all be traced to Anglo and French white supremacy.
Welcome to the U.S./U.K./Franch NWO:


Western colonialism and empire must be stopped from within-


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endnotes quote 27.Aug.2011 10:18


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It would be a mistake to assume, as marketeers would have us believe, that the present dominance of free market ideology is the culmination of an evolutionary process driven by an alleged need to consume, an inevitability against which resistance is futile. Capitalism based on the British model is in some cases adopted by those awed by its productivity and blind to its social consequences, is in some cases installed and maintained by force, but is in all cases flawed by an inherent process of alienation described so well by the great 19th Century socialist thinkers. Now it might be intriguing, even useful to speculate as we have here as to the origin of that alienation, but the point to keep in mind is that other viable models of economic development exist.

huh? 28.Aug.2011 22:31


Is it white supremacists hunting down the last of the wild tiger populations on the planet to make "Tiger Penis Soup" out of as a cure for impotence?