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Solidarity Action for a comrade detained in Norway - !Acción Solidaria

detained illegally in a psychiatric hospital in North of Norway (UNN Tromso/Tromsø).. I have little or no contact with any comrades or friends from here except through the internet. so I am efficiently totally isolated.
the situation is very bad, I fear for my life and freedom, is in direct danger from fascist groups/organizations in the region and beyond, in addition since I came to Tromsø, Norway in august 2010 there has been countless examples of provocations and psychological terror from «right-wing» people.. which in the end made me decide to evacuate Tromsø, Norway and travel to the United Kingdom, where I had organized a place to stay and medical assistance until I calmed down and could start focusing on re-building my life somewhere with a good social environment with comrades.

Since I came to Tromsø in august 2010 I have been almost totally socially isolated. Unable to go to village to enjoy social life, as I felt I would never know when someone would try to provoke, attack or harass. I have also met several NDL(EDL) members and people directly announcing to me that they are Nazis, and lately kissing sounds made at me in cafes.

Here is what you can do to help :

- Spread this event everywhere ! Especially to Organizations, news.. wherever you feel like..

-Email the hospital : post (at) unn.no , siren. hoven (at) unn.no
New "doctor" responsible for my life, freedom, security and social is HERMAN TVETE his contact info is Office phone 0047 776 27 956 (?) - herman.tvete (at) unn.no
Kløvervegen 2 C, 9016 Tromsø,norway

more info and back story going back 10 years of persecution. please support


homepage: homepage: http://www.a-revolt.org