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Rummage Sale benefit for Books to Prisoners

Alberta Street Last Thursday, Aug. 25, 4pm-8, front lawn of 4922 NE 23 (3 blks. south of NE Alberta) Help us out, we need to mail tons of books out to patiently waiting prisoners.

Portland Books To Prisoners is having a Last Thursday rummage sale on August 25th at 4922 NE 23rd Street. It will be held on the front lawn. The house is three lots south from Alberta Street. Portland Books to Prisoners sends out thousands of used books to prisoners all over the United States. We have a large backlog of unmailed packages, so we really need your support. Here are some things you can do to help!

* Come buy things!
* Bring things to sell on behalf of Portland Books to Prisoners. You can bring stuff by as early as 11 am. We are looking for useful items in reasonable condition.
* Volunteer at the rummage sale. We think it will get going around 4pm. We could use volunteers to sort through items, lay them out, price them and sell them.
* Let your freinds know about this fund raiser and encourage them to stop by.


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