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Eastern Quake: The Mayans May be Right Wash. Monument Cracked

The scenario for massive craziness has just been laid out for us
Maybe It's Time to GET OUT OF DODGE
Maybe It's Time to GET OUT OF DODGE
I'm into symbols. That big quake out of Virginia has cracked the Washington Monument so badly that it is closed indefinitely. I don't know about you, but that's a big wake-up call. The sight of al those office workers in the streets freaking out seems like a harbinger of ugly things to come. Reassurances from FEMA feel like little arrows of bad premonitions for tommorrow. Imagine a devastating series of massive quakes (and tsunamis?) ripping across the North American plate like Edgar Cayce's worst nightmare? We can't imagine the levels of panic and anarchy that would prevail as millions seek food, shelter, water, and some semblance of safety. No one was on the ball in D.C. though. They instantly evacuated buildings in total defiance of all earthquake safety procedures. Streets can be the worst place to be especially on the East Coast where buildings are not quake-proof at all. A huge shaker would send immeasurable tons of granite raining down on the crowds told to "evacuate". But what do Easterners know about earthqukes? NADA If just a light quake like this (5.8) can rock the world from Canada to Georgia, imagine an 8.8. Imagine a level of panic and fear so intense that people would be begging for martial law to restore a sense of order. The damage could be so great that there would be no way to distribute any aid. Imagine a mega-Katrina situation that blankets half the population. I'm no survivalist/screw the rest kind of person, but this quake is real food for thought. So is that cracked Washington Monument. And how about the timing as The U.S. basks in yet another bloody new war in the East? I fear this quake is a huge warning for America that there are higher powers at work on this Earth than the Pentagon.

nah 24.Aug.2011 12:45


Symbols are created and interpreted by humans, and have no bearing on the natural world which they desperately try to control.

ok 24.Aug.2011 16:35


I'm not sure how Native American medicine men are at all relevant here, unless you have evidence of them predicting earthquakes. I'm guessing you don't. Please prove me wrong. As for the morons on this site who don't believe you - the burden of proof is on you to show how the Mayans (or any other people) predicted anything substantial about the future, aside from making sweeping proclamations about some catastrophe which will happen sometime in the future. Sure, we can bring up any disaster you want and draw the causal relationship: earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear meltdowns, whatever. It doesn't mean that is proof of any kind - disasters are always happening, and they always have, and always will. As for me making "holy-writ" pronouncements, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm speaking out against such pronouncements. That should be obvious to anyone with average reading comprehension.

And yes, I can write a whole paragraph if needed. It wasn't really necessary in this case.

Here's a symbol for you 24.Aug.2011 19:41


Jesus loves you