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Capt. Todd Wyatt Accused of Road Rage

Portland police officer is accused of road rage in Idaho earlier this month.
On August 13th, at around 11a.m., a driver in Idaho was accosted by Capt. Todd Wyatt. This is apparently an incident of road rage and during the altercation, officer Wyatt pulled his gun on the other motorist. Idaho police were called and officer Wyatt was finally stopped. His duties have been re-assigned and an investigation is in his future.

Let's See Now 23.Aug.2011 18:09

Den Mark, Vancouver

Wyatt either:
a) feared for his life, or
b) other driver was interfering, or
c) other driver was non-compliant.
Let's see. What other excuses are available.

Police terrorism 23.Aug.2011 19:40


So police terrorism is bad enough here as is, but that's apparently not enough. Now members of the Portland Police Gestapo feel it necessary to go over state lines and terrorize citizens living outside Portland/Metro and outside OR. At least this pig Todd Wyatt was disciplined right away. Hopefully, he'll lose his job eventually. Jail time is maybe deserved too, though that seems unlikely. Clearly this coward who pulls his service weapon on innocent people cannot be allowed to serve in any frame of authority any longer.


Pepper sprayed babies 24.Aug.2011 09:49


I think this is the guy who used pepper spray on babies during a demonstration. Does anyone else have any details about that?

great 24.Aug.2011 10:19


I heard this on the radio on my way home from work yesterday.

The icing on the cake? Wyatt has been removed from his duties as a traffic cop, and is now working in the "drugs and vice" division.

That's just wonderful. Now he can freely terrorize prostitutes and addicts while they sweep his current scandal under the rug.

another thug cop 24.Aug.2011 12:46


Well it looks like Offc. Wyatt has a history of violence and intimidation against community members. Note this BikePortland article from July 14th 2010, mentioning Wyatt's (then new) assignment to the traffic division. There's a link to a WW article which goes into more detail regarding this pig's violent history.

 link to bikeportland.org