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Earthquake hits Washington, DC

A 5.4 earthquake hits Washington, DC.
Speaking as someone who grew up near there, earthquakes in this area are rare, unlike the West Coast. Few to no buildings are designed to withstand a quake in most cities in this region. Here are some non corporate media links:

Interesting that the epicenter 23.Aug.2011 13:49

Jody Paulson

was right next to a the Lake Anna nuclear power plant. Check out my blog for the Google Earth picture.

Further note 23.Aug.2011 14:05


Everything seems okay there.

This doesn’t ad credibility to the WTC7 argument. 23.Aug.2011 14:06


I see the WTC7 spot right below this article about the quake not being natural.
If it happened dead center, then maybe you could make a case.
But this is no more credible than saying it GOD caused to happen on the MLK statue memorial day opening.