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Community and Herbal Approaches to Disaster Situations

When disaster strikes, government response is often slow leaving victims without help for days. Preparing community members to coordinate a decentralized and plant-based response and recovery is vital. This is an introductory workshop that will provide learning and preparedness resources and suggestions for further education. We will share important stories from our trip to Haiti. Visit our website to learn about our work in Haiti after the earthquake:  http://serpentine-project.org/projects.html
Earthquake damage in Haiti.
Earthquake damage in Haiti.
Sept. 10-11 --- 10AM - 5PM

Tryon Community Farm

Presented by Leah Wolfe, MPH from the Serpentine Project

This workshop is presented in 3 parts: Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Topics include putting together disaster kits, learning about important plant medicines (including a plant walk), logistics and communication ideas, basic clinic set up, and thoughts on how to work with the community to rebuild. You will be expected to put what you learn into active discussion, planning, and logistics for a plausible disaster situation.

Please dress for the outdoors and bring your lunch.

Donations beyond travel expenses will support the Serpentine Project. We work to educate our communities while working on our restoration project for indigenous plants and traditional medicine.

Register separately for Saturday & Sunday by September 1 at  info@serpentine-project.org. Sliding-scale donation: $40-80.

the serpentine project
ser pen tine (noun) c.1408, plant reputed to contain antivenom
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