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Gaddafi is Toast, Fascists in Tripoli Run

Hope the other "peoples" leader in Washington D.C., who like Gaddafi sold out the people, soon faces a similar fate.
For up 24/7 up to the minute coverage of liberation of Tripoli go to Al Jazeera English.

"Green Square" & Most of Tripoli Liberated 21.Aug.2011 20:21

World Court for Gaddafi & Sons

The operative word is,, 21.Aug.2011 20:44

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

not liberated, the operative word is captured. Captured by bought and paid for ultra conservative right wing neo fascists who have already sold out Libya's oil wealth to the neo European and American fascists. Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel are fooling no one. The people of Libya will get the same shitty deal as the Iraqis. Under Gaddafi, the Libyan people had universal health care. Under American and European neo fascist rule they will starve.

Gaddafi Provides Free Top-Quality Medical Care For Every Libyan 21.Aug.2011 21:58


Why do so many disingenuous posts identify with "Red & Black"? Muammar Gaddafi has used the money made available from the fact that Libya has the 10th-largest proven oil reserves of any country in the world to provide free top-quality medical care for each and every Libyan. (Israel does also, but we are giving them 100 billion dollars in this decade, while Libya gets nothing. Of course we so love "democracy," with our unequivocally hackable, insufficient, and very expensive electronic voting machines.)

Despite having the 10-th largest amount of oil, Libya has only 6,420,000 citizens, so it's easy pickings for the U.S. and E.U. gangsters. At least we managed to kill Gaddafi's young daughters and son. Compared with Libya, Saudi Arabia is a total nightmare police state, but it belongs to the gang, so we don't attack them. There is one supposedly very wealthy nation that does NOT provide medical care for its citizens. Guess which one.

Amy Goodman Celebrates Libya Revolution 22.Aug.2011 08:07

Democracy Now

View today's show:  http://www.democracynow.org/

come on guys 22.Aug.2011 14:24


Come on, any self-respecting leftist knows that he was an enemy of the US, so the uprising MUST be some western backed CIA operation designed to topple a peace loving dictator, I mean ruler.

The most amusing thing about these recent uprisings has been watching people on this site SCRAMBLE to try and find positive spin on the tyrants being removed from power.

This, from a group of people who claim to oppose top-down authoritarian powers.

We Are Ruled By 0.1% Of The Ultra-Rich 22.Aug.2011 22:46


Our society is not "top down?" Really? Like we actually chose our loving Dictator Obama The Baby Killer? We really choose our rulers? Who, unlike Gaddafi, leave us homeless and with no medical care? With our 100% hacked electronic vote counting machines? Yeah right!

"Democracy" will never amount to anything until we have approval voting with three consecutive runoffs. ("Range voting" is merely a much more complicated method that is more "expressive," yet less "effectual.") Ranked voting, such as "IRV", is a giant scam, sold to the Green Party by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, et al., always devolves into duopoly because it forces voters to give first rank to the "least bad," yet "electable" candidate. Approval voting with three consecutive runoffs is simple: The voters can give just one vote to as many candidates they find reasonably tolerable And the six candidates that receive the most votes go to the second runoff (this number is arbitrary), where voters can give just one vote to as many of the six as suit their strategy And then the two that receive the most votes go to the third and final runoff, and there can be no third candidate to act as a spoiler. It involves only simple arithmetic, requires no computers, can be controlled by small local communities, and the results can be publicly announced prior to being sent up to larger tabulations. It is the only method that gives the voters real power.

But we want corporate "democracy" everywhere, and if others don't see it our way, we must kill their children. (Because they have the oil maybe?) Yeah, we are so great and benevolent!

The Libya War argument 23.Aug.2011 18:39

by Glenn Greenwald