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Video: Pizza Workers Protest Continues Papa Murphy's - Action 4 on 8.19.11 Portland Oregon

The Pizza workers protest continues
This is Action 4 at the papa Murphy's Pizza shops on Fremont in Portland Oregon
Filmed on Friday 8.19.11
Protest #4 was organized by Y.E.R.
Youth Empowerment Revolution
Management called the police this time at both locations on the protesters.

No Tickets, No Arrests, Lots of Solidarity

Over 50 protesterss at this action
The protest was at 2 stores, lots of flyer's handed out.

This action will continue next week at 4 pm
More information is on FB under the title:
"Picketing of Papa Murphy's"


Papa Murphy's Pizza Protest #4
Protest at 2 stores on Fremont Street in Portland Oregon

(15 min clip)

(15 min clip)

2 songs from Pizza Workers Protest #4
[2 songs from the two protest stops on Fremont Street in Portland]

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