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Our Tahrir Square

It is Time
We have just begun
We have just begun
There is something going on in Washington DC that makes me smile; people are risking arrest for the environment, and after that another gathering in October to say "Enough" to wars, cuts, and 15 other demands. People are waking up and you should be part of it. Those who can go should go, those who cannot must support in every other way possible. Financially supporting another person who can go to DC but for the lack of money is a wonderful way to join in, I cannot go but will put up $100 to help others make the trip. Friends of mine also are putting up money, some are going for the October 2011 mass arrest. Thousands have signed up to sit down at Freedom Plaza and not leave. The question for you, will you stay as a spectator or join in one of these mass protests---it is time. I will be writing about these protests and try to keep you updated, will you support these actions with more than words?

Read the article that follows and smile our Tahrir Square, (Egypt) is happening and you can be part of if. See ya in the streets here in Portland, it is happening and that is a good thing.

"Massive Protest at White House Against Alberta Tar Sands Pipeline
By Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian UK
20 August 11

Campaigners say the two-week protest will be the biggest green civil disobedience in a generation.

Protest at the White House against a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands is emerging as the biggest green civil disobedience campaign in a generation, organisers said.
Approximately 1,500 people signed up to court arrest during the two-week action outside the White House, which begins on Saturday morning.
The campaign is seen as a last chance to persuade Barack Obama to stop a planned 1,600-mile pipeline that will carry oil from the tar sands of Alberta across rich American farmland to the Gulf of Mexico.
The State Department is expect to produce its final environmental analysis of the pipeline by the end of the month. Obama will then have 90 days to decide whether going ahead with the project would be in the national interest.
The Keystone XL project has been a major focus of environmental protests. Greenhouse gas emissions of tar sands crude are 40% higher than conventional oil, and the open-pit mining has devastated Alberta's boreal forest."

 link to readersupportednews.org

homepage: homepage: http://http:individualsforjustice.com

The people continue this protest 22.Aug.2011 09:43

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

This is a good video of what it is like to stand up to a power structure gone mad


This is the beginning of mass arrest that will take place almost everyday for the next month or so. The next event will be the Oct 6 mass arrest.

I Am Grateful 22.Aug.2011 14:09

Den Mark, Vancouver

I am grateful for protesters who can get to DC right now. I have more respect for any one of those protesters than i do for the bulk of Congress in its entirety.

It Continues 23.Aug.2011 16:07

Lone Vet

Some days you just got to smile and be glad to be part of this wonderful action! These are my heroes.
Over 160 Arrested in Ongoing Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

 link to www.truth-out.org