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Protest: Safeway bananas / tar sands fuel being used in shipping

a noon time protest in front of Downtown Safeway, to inform the shoppers that the bananas Safeway is selling are shipped using the DIRTY fuel from the Tar Sands in Canada.
The protesters were ... Putting the squeeze on banana shipping .... to Safeway.... using dirty fuel extracted from Canada.

A dozen Portland activists help connect the dots from the Tar Sands to my lunch from the store on the corner.

By informing the community how the food we are eating (in this instance its Bananas) is tied to the tar sands and the dirty fuel greedy rat race.

I made a short video I will upload latter to this post here on indymedia.

Management came outside to make sure they were not standing on the Safeway property, then curtly went back inside.

I bought no bananas today, no money for dirty fuel.

In solidarity!

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Protest Fatigue 19.Aug.2011 15:13


Protests like this produce add very little value and probably create a protest fatigue backlash. I am wonder if the organizers of this are actually psyops. seriously, where do you draw the line on which products are shipped using which energy sources? for the most part, I think people laugh at protests like this and see it for what it is: a waste of time.

re: Protest Fatigue, and other things 19.Aug.2011 17:36


Please don't call these efforts a waste of time. No act is ever a waste of time.

I just wanted to say that I wish I were able to hear about this before it happened. I live near there and ironically enough I came into that Safeway to buy bananas at about 2 pm. Weird! If I had known I would have liked to hear what you had to say.

dust stirred up in one far corner of the industrial civilization feedlot 19.Aug.2011 21:31


Saying -- indeed *protesting* -- that those industrially produced tropical bananas are/were/will be shipped, facilitated by one particular source/method of refinement of industrial energy, to then appear in that particular clone temperate zone Safeway in the urban nightmare? How does one slice and dice a rotten, putrescent, failed, cancerous culture, globally and local sociocidal economy and dredge out of it all this one particular stinking morsel from the wretched, fetid pile and hold it up in "resistance"?!

"I read the news today . . . oh, boy."

Activists Informed Me 19.Aug.2011 22:22

joe anybody

Protests like this INFORM people!

I never would of known but now I do (because of this protest)

How is that a bad thing?

To say they "produce add very little value and probably create a protest fatigue backlash. I am wonder if the organizers of this are actually psyops" is stretching things a bit (too much)

In fact I now have told over 10 people who never even knew about the Tar Sands ... to me that shows "value" and the only fatigue is noticed when its fending off the negativity.

So now 10 people plus me (in my small circle) already have found benefit from this action (plus) all those who read my post here on indymedia

send your comments to 20.Aug.2011 21:24

link passer

Tell Dole and Chiquita: No Tar Sands Monkey Business!


Dear Mr. Aguirre and Mr. Delorenzo,

I like bananas, but I don't like Canada's toxic Tar Sands—a source for Dole and Chiquita's transportation fuel that kills forests, pollutes our air and water, threatens our health, and contributes to climate change.

Canada's Tar Sands threatens the health of many US communities where the biggest, dirtiest, and most dangerous refineries turn Tar Sands into transportation fuel. A proposed Tar Sands pipeline (Keystone XL) imperils 30% of our nation's ground water for growing food. Canada's Tar Sands industry has plans that would permanently harm one of the world's largest intact forests -- the Boreal -- in an area the size of Maine. In the Canadian province of Alberta where the Tar Sands are located, there are elevated levels of cancer among communities living downwind and downstream. Fuels from the Tar Sands also generate more climate change pollution than fuels from conventional oil, over the course of their life cycle.

Many other companies have already rejected Tar Sands fuel, and your company can be a leader, too. I request that the executives at the highest levels of your company work with ForestEthics to address the problem of Canada's Tar Sands in the fuel that brings your company's products to market. I also request that your company use its governmental influence to prevent the environmental and social disaster of the proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands pipeline.

VIDEO: of the protest for not buying the Tar Sands Bananas 20.Aug.2011 22:38

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

Here is the 6 min video from this action on Friday


more information: