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Mayor Adams Sells Us Out.

With the departure of our Mayor,who oversees our Police department, I am more than curious,and I would bet there are a few of you out there curious too, how, just as he leaves, there is an uptick in photo radar tickets in the inner city core. It's coming to a neighborhood near you..
I have a friend who received more than one speeding ticket in the mail, in about a week. They say they are afraid to open their mail. Also, they fear driving in their own neighborhood. "Buckman". They told me they have driven almost 40 years with no speeding tickets, ever. Both spots of infraction were 25mph zones. One was on 24th and Hawthorne Blvd. traveling into town. Both were main thorougfares. This is a bonanza for the police. But,it seems a little too big brother for me. How have you been affected as a driver by the photo radar project? The fines go to funding more camera/ radar, surveillance. It seems, with Adams' bicycle programs, this is a war on automobile drivers. Say what you will about people who drive motorized vehicles, but if they have the whole city wired for radar, nobody is safe from "the eye in the sky" Bicyles, and pedestrians, included.

uh 16.Aug.2011 13:01


Do you think Sam Adams actually sits down and helps the police department place speed traps and radar machines? That is done by a single wing of the police department. It isn't like the chief of police and the mayor sit with a huge map and point out where they need to go.

Honestly your post makes no sense at all.