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9.11 investigation

A 9/11 Challenge/Experiment

* This might make a great science project for a high school science class.
Original post here:  http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/9-11_experiment.html

This is just is a rough idea for an interesting but educational science project, a demonstration or maybe a challenge experiment - perhaps with real money involved - to prove a small but significant point about 9/11.

1. Take an ordinary kerosene burning lamp like the kind our grandparents used to light their homes. Fill it with kerosene - or jet fuel if you can get some, but what's the diff.?

2. Then place a piece of steel -- perhaps a short length of 'rebar' would be appropriate -- suspended above the flame and perpendicular to it. Be sure to get it in the 'hot spot'.

3. Place a clock in the background.

4. Mount your camera on a tripod & aim it at the lamp and the rebar and take regular periodic exposures or time-lapse video if you are so inclined to DOCUMENT the activity of the flame & steel.

5. Light the wick and go get a sandwich... This may take a while.

6. When your steel melts (yeah right!) send us the video or images and we will put your name on the check. Simple!

GOOD LUCK! You'll need it.

NOTE: This challenge is even open to cave dwelling Islamic fundamentalists and Pentagon Black Ops teams.

homepage: homepage: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com

how about this. 15.Aug.2011 15:07


Why not a steel girder and a candle?
If you want to be honest with yourself Keep your proportions in perspective.
Use the Kerosene lamp but use wire coat hangers and have them support about 15lbs of weight per coat hanger.

This is not science 15.Aug.2011 15:07


This is a rigged test at best, really just an exercise in conclusion as premise, or inductive reasoning. The conclusion you have reached, and thus start your experiment with, is that the jet fuel melting the steal caused the building to collapse. What has been concluded is that the jet fuel heated the steel, and the heating of the steel caused it to expand which caused it to bend at some points causing a loss of structural integrity. To use your test as an example, see how much easier the rebar is to bend after heating it up to about 1500 F.

watch this now for free 16.Aug.2011 12:33