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Rick Perry and the New Civil War

It's soooo symbolic that Perry kicked off his campaign just outside Fort Sumpter, where the Civil War began...
are you ready for this guy? You'd better be!
are you ready for this guy? You'd better be!
ABC's George Will just gushes over Rick Perry being a GOP contender for the White House. The King of extreme mega-right-wing idealogue pundits has already bought the Perry engagement ring. And with good reason. He's all excited because he knows that Perry is backed by a consortium of Texas "Tea Party" billionaires (is that a self-canceleing phrase or what?) that can literally steamroller all contenders financially. The same Houston & Dallas oil barons, real estate moguls, and weapons manufacturers that enabled the killing of JFK and the rise of LBJ & the Vietnam War, the rise of The House of Bush and 911 & 2 new wars are now poised to give us Perry. This GOP monster is a blood-thirsty "Tea Party" adherent ready to impose a true police state upon the nation. Think Peter King as Prez. He's worse than Bush in many departments if that's even possible. Bachman, Romney and Ron Paul don't have a chance against the big money this clown has at his disposal. Plus he's so far to the right of the other GOP hopefuls he'll leave them sounding like liberals. Just try and imagine Perry in the White House. Of all the mainstream Repugs, Perry has hijacked the original Tea Party energy the most sucessfully. Bachman is just big hair and high cheekbones. A little sex in an otherwise geriatric contest. Her "Tea Party" creds can't hold a candle next to the Texas Governor's insane pro-gun, anti-government and anti-immigration rants. The GOP is ready to implement social and economic policies that could easily lead to violent insurrections such as we just saw in the U.K. So I sit and watch this new development and I wonder why Obama has made such a mess out of it all politically, virtualy handing over the Presidency to a mean-spirited Bush clone who is obviously a classist, racist dictator in the making. Obama stands for nothing anymore except he's the most succesful Black politician of all time. He made it to the White House. Whoopee for us....... Obama just about needs a new 911 to stay viable...God help us all......

Forget the rest. Perry will get the nomination 14.Aug.2011 13:59


Just a guess, but I expect Perry to get the nomination, and if Obama continues to suck in those mid-west swing states, Perry will be the next president.

so don't expect to see Obama tack left anytime soon.

More than the left 14.Aug.2011 14:33


Even the Libertarians warning people about Gov. Perry.

 link to www.infowars.com

If actions speak louder than words 18.Aug.2011 20:18



Choosing the least of two evils is still war.

Obama's actions are more inline with global warming denial than Tex's words.
Still Looking For Leadership
Still Looking For Leadership