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Corporate media admitting cell phones transmissions were blocked to "hinder SF protest."

From time to time people have complained about blocked cell phone transmissions during various protests, both nationally and internationally. BART must have heard of the idea because it shut down cell phone towers to disrupt a protest.
Yahoo says at protest in San Francisco on Thursday over a police shooting was intentionally hindered by BART turning off cell phone towers. The article says the towers were shut down for three hours.

The ALCU is getting involved with this and is not happy. They accuse BART of crossing a line by interfering with communications. Bart responds by saying it had the right to because people protesting would "create unsafe conditions for BART customers, BART employees and protestors."

Maybe someone should tell BART that discharging weapons in a subway is dangerous for customers and employees too.


It said government officals blocked cell phones, not the phone company 13.Aug.2011 07:13


As much as you wish it were true, it seems Transit Officals and not the phone company blocked cell coverage.

Read the article.

I never said that 13.Aug.2011 22:52


I only said BART shut down the cell towers. I never once suggested governments shut down the cell towers at protests. If cell towers have been shut down at a protests the government may still not do it directly. The cell company that owns the tower could shut it down upon request. Fuck knows AT&T, Verizon don't have issues with ethics. The point of the article was to point out the tactic. Fuck if I know, fuck if I care about the details; exposing the BART crap was the point of the article.