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Sunday, 9/14, 2pm: Solidarity Info Demo @ PSU, South Park Blocks

Info demo in solidarity with victims of police murders, their families, and with those organizing against the police, in Seattle and the Bay Area.
When: 2pm, Sunday August 14th.
Where: South Park Blocks, by the Smith Memorial Building in SW Portland (1825 SW Broadway)
What: We'll be meeting up to talk with people about the recent police attacks and murders in Seattle and the Bay Area, community responses in those areas, and how that relates to our struggles in Portland. Around 3pm we'll rove around and engage with people in other parts of downtown. Come to talk, to stand in solidarity with our friends and comrades, and to brainstorm community response to the ongoing brutal occupation of police in our city.

DATE CHECK 13.Aug.2011 20:32


This is to be AUGUST 14th, NOT September. Wrong number in the date. My apologies!