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We Must Put The Word Out

"It Is Time"
We Must Help These Heroes
We Must Help These Heroes
October 6th in Washington DC will be a time for all activists to stand up and say ENOUGH! David Swanson, Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges, Ann Wright, and so many other heroes will take a stand for Justice and Peace by gathering in Freedom Square and not leaving until our government agrees to their demands--it will be a time!

We who cannot go must support them in every way possible, one way that will be important is getting the word out about this event. We must pressure all TV and radio stations in Portland who say they are Progressive to do a show or, at the very least, a portion of their show on this event and have representatives appear on their shows.

How many of you would be willing to throw a picket line around a TV show or radio show that refuses to get the word out about this event? We must start this now as Oct 6 is approaching at an alarming rate. We need people to contact KBOO, KPOJ, TV stations 2,6,8 and our local newspapers to first request their participation and then picket them if necessary. For more info on the event in DC go to:


Here is a good video by two wonderful people Joe-Anybody and Malcolm from Veterans For Peace talking about October 6---enjoy


What do you think?

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

how about a full on occupation and takeover of the media infrastructure? 12.Aug.2011 14:20

that's how they party in greece!

We can do more than just picket and beg and hope that corporate media will cover this in a positive way.

We can be the media! We can straight up occupy their broadcasting studios and liberate the airwaves and get our message directly to the people.

Why not?

Thanks for the FYI, Lone Vet 13.Aug.2011 00:12

happy protesting!

This post cheered me up. Shutting down (or up) the corporate press makes me feel even better. I had no idea the Greeks did that. If the corporate media where shut down, fascism would be outta luck.

In honor of two good posts here is a fitting activist educational game: