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Why is there so much litter?

Is the degree to which people litter based on social and economic factors?
Before you accuse me of classism understand that I am poor but was brought up to NOT litter. I drive all over the city in my job and have noticed huge amounts of trash strewn all over the over what some consider low income areas of Portland. I also have noticed that there are actually more public trash cans in those areas than there used to be along busy streets. I will not comment on my personal observations of the individuals I see littering.

What can we do to encourage those who were brought up without the benefit of an litter awareness to not litter?

If someone is done with a wrapper, cigarette butt or whatever they'll just drop it; it's no longer their problem. Sure, there are bigger problems in this world than litter (so please don't deflect or change the subject) but it's a problem that's not too difficult to address - consume less and be responsible for the waste and refuse that you purchased.