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Mitt Romney: "Corporations are People"

Can people really be this stupid?
Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z9PsKhStx8&feature=player_embedded#at=94


Can people be this stupid? 11.Aug.2011 11:24

The councilman

Yes they can! Do you recall the statement, "Trees have rights."

out of context? 11.Aug.2011 11:36


I got the impression he was saying working people work at/for corporations and when a corporation is destoryed, the people who worked there, got their money, and retirement from the corporation are hurt.

you can argue corporations are bad, shouldn't exist, etc. but you cant argue that those employees do get hurt when the corporation goes belly up.

What I ate for lunch is coming back... 11.Aug.2011 12:55


It's still painful to hear even more Romney bullshit. Don't even make me think about all the stupid people who believe him. We're gleefully marching into fascism thanks to those morons. Let the trees have rights. Let them vote- they'd vote better than the American public. Tree voting would be the only way to ensure a paper trail- fuck Diebold.

Tree voting would be the only way to ensure a paper trail?? 11.Aug.2011 14:20


Too funny!

Please re-read what you wrote.

Tree voting would be the only way to ensure a paper trail? Thats like saying Blacks voting would be the only way to insure slavery.

Corporations are people 11.Aug.2011 15:21


we do not surrender our individual rights when we choose to freely assemble or freely associate.

Members of corporations have the same rights as any other group or organization.

Corporations Are NOT People 11.Aug.2011 16:31

Den Mark, Vancouver

Individuals within corporations already have personal rights because they are people. Being employees of corporations does not increase their individual people-ness. Corporations are not people. Likewise, fans who happen to be at a soccer match are not more people-ly than they were before they arrived at the stadium. Soccer spectators as a group do not constitute a person. Also, even if romney meant that people within corporations suffer when corporations fail, which is not what he meant, it would be valid response to state that the larger the corporation, the worse is job security. Most jobs in this country are provided by small business people, NOT mega-corporations. wal-mart, for example, has killed more jobs than it has created. Corporations are not people. If they were, i'd challenge monsanto & nestle to a fist-fight, & kick their corporate asses.

Corporations aren't people 11.Aug.2011 18:24

still nauseous

Corporations aren't people. They are instead entities which have free speech rights, can donate as much as they want to political campaigns, don't die, and have other advantages no person has.

Corporate employees from responsibility for fiscal failure. An owner of a small business has his or her credit rating tanked if they file bankruptcy. People in corporations are in contrast invulnerable- financial responsibility and poor credit rating for failure falls on an inanimate and immortal fictitious figure- not people.
Corporations don't serve jail time for crimes they commit- sometimes not even when they cause multiple deaths from negligence (Bhopal, for example).

Corporations lack the accountability of an actual government, the limitations of an individual citizen, and can mask their crimes as necessities for the public good through claiming to create jobs.

A government can be recalled or not re-elected. A government can be tried for war crimes, and for other criminal activity. There are set procedures for handling the misconduct of nations; corporations are free from such constraints, especially if the country they are based in refuses to revoke their charter. Politician purchasing ensures this doesn't happen in the US. Citizens United put the final nail in that coffin.

A corporation can be sued at best- but who has the funds to pay for legal help to fight a corporate lawyer?

A corporation can be boycotted, but a corporation can hire a PR firm to hide the reality of its abuse by buying the media- directly or indirectly through interlocking boards of directors. The media can then discredit opposition using these tools. The public relations industry was started by Edward Bernays, Freuds nephew and one of the fathers of propaganda. Corporate media green-washing campaigns and FOX News style dishonesty are forms of propaganda.

The last and most important corporate trait which endangers the public is that responsibility is diffused in a corporation since a corporation involves a conglomeration of many people. Studies on the Mai Lai massacre in the 1970s demonstrated that when crimes are diffused among a large group of people, pinning the responsibility for crimes becomes difficult. Orders given and peer pressure create obscure personal accountability.

doesn't matter 12.Aug.2011 09:12


The good news is Romney is not going to get the Republican Nomination.

The bad news is that Rick Perry is going to get the Republican Nomination and if Obama doesn't start doing better in some of those swing states in the mid-west Perry will be the next President.

mormon 'tards 12.Aug.2011 23:28


What else can one expect from this goddamned Mormon? The fact that he's even considered a "serious" contender for the presidency speaks not to [him] so mush as our nation. Then again, it's not like what we're stuck with now is all that goddamned great.

We have shit to choose from, is what it comes down to.