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Please Don't Hoard Your Promises

Before coming to power all politicians make promises, many of which they will never be able to fulfill. Some of this is by design and simply meant to gather votes. Some of this is genuine and consists of promises meant to be followed through on the occasion that person is elected to office. Typically the latter consists of a set of main promises while the former consists of secondary promises and stump speech filler. Tough both are based on an idea of what the voting public wants in terms of legislation the main promises are typically those most desired by voters the time.

Times change, people change and situations change. People have to change and adjust with them including elected officials. There are few people that hold it against an elected official for adapting as it's something we all must go through. This is what everybody does in their daily lives.

Also in our daily lives barring tornadoes, floods or other catastrophic tragedies no matter what happens adjusting and adapting is done so we can still follow through on the things we've been tasked with. Elected politicians are expected to change a little here and adapt some there, but like the rest of us when expected to do something in their jobs that thing becomes their responsibility meant for them to carry out and follow through on. It isn't always easy but what in life is? It's our job and what we must do.

When a person doesn't carry out much of what is expected of them or contravenes and contradicts the fulfillment of the things they promised once in office it can begin to take on the appearance of a politician unable to handle following through on what they were tasked with or that they never intended to in the first place. It is not unreasonable for people to become fed up with an elected leader unable to follow through on their word or that appears unable to handle navigating the treacherous waters of their field and simultaneously accomplish what they claimed they would.

When a person says they will prosecute wars until a specific goal it is expected that upon achieving of that goal we will draw down expeditiously. There is no reason for people to linger that falls in line with accomplishing goals regarding carrying out war. A person does not need to be an expert in warfare to realize that things can get worse and people further embroiled when they linger in international hot spots especially where they are not wanted beyond what's necessary.

Our military is not something to just be placed here and there in a vain attempt to try and gain a little economic leverage for wealthy people residing in our land. Sure there were times when nations and empires did that, but the majority of those nations and empires have dried up and been relegated to the pages of history and the very reason in many cases, as with the Romans was military overreach and the cost inflicted on that nation or empire by a lack of foresight on the part of it's leaders. So why do we remain in Iraq and Afghanistan?

There are those telling us we need to stay to do nation building (using other language to describe it of course). But what nature of nation building do we endeavor to achieve? In the time we have according to the timetable in Iraq for instance what can we possibly accomplish? If we were in the glory days of borrowing unlimitedly from other countries and passing the bill to the next elected official perhaps we could afford that, but in case folks are sleeping on the job and missed things, which I doubt, we are in desperate need of cutting unnecessary spending in every place we can.

The reality is along with cutting we will probably have to raise revenues, I mean how can we not and be the same country? Apparently it sounds nice to certain elected leaders to say "it's going to have to be dirt roads and subsistence farming for a large number of people," but which politician is going to try selling that? They're having unprecedented numbers of recall votes in Wisconsin over union rights alone. Imagine when grandparents have to go fending for themselves homeless on the streets. The only way to stave that off is doing cutting along with raising taxes painful as that is to hear. Neither are happy prospects, but these are extreme times and tight days and we cannot afford kicking the can down the road anymore.

Right now in Iraq we are "stabilizing" which is code for keeping things cool for oil companies and some might say we should as these are our companies. But most of them are incorporated overseas and dodging US taxes left and right. Many of these billion dollar firms actually pay no taxes and instead take in million dollar returns. And they want us to protect them? Why when there are private security firms that can handle that? Let them pay their own money for security guards. That is not what the framers of the constitution had in mind for our military. That is not laissez-faire by a long shot.

In Afghanistan we are slated to be there until around 2014 to "stabilize." Really? Are we really going to "stabilize" them by 2014? Who believes that? Really. Those trying to sell us on that probably don't even realize how insulting to the intelligence of the majority of Americans footing that bill, it is to say that. We can't even stabilize Iraq and they had a much further advanced infrastructure and society previous to our invading them.

Some might say "so why?" Why else would the Pentagon be recommending we stay? Well what's been hardly mentioned since it was first announced in the media are the vast riches in minerals that were discovered in Afghanistan. Oh yes in fact "An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the 'Saudi Arabia of lithium,' a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys." (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/14/world/asia/14minerals.html) Sounds like they're salivating.

So the government again is forcing us to use the money we barely have and increasing the deficit to keep troops overseas so wealthy Americans can get their hands on goodies. Good for us? Well do you think those companies are going to be hiring Americans over there or cheap labor in the area? Do you think they will stay incorporated here or opt for a change of scenery and just pay taxes there? Do you think they will pay what taxes they should here or find ways to get out of them here? Do you think we will see any money from that or will it go to campaign coffers?

So what? We should not see any money and they should have the right to do as they wish with their profits? Well on that I couldn't agree more. Let them take champagne baths on yachts and roll around in money or whatever they do. My point is we are the ones paying for security for them right now. You think the Pentagon cares about the Taliban? They are negotiating with them as I write this. Our young men and women should not be forced to die to provide security guards for wealthy mining or oil companies. It's not fair. It is not the change we asked for.

It's not our business it's theirs. Let them handle it. How do you think their credit ratings are holding up right now? How do you think theirs will be prior to reaping all the profits off of our backs and blood of our men and women in uniform and where will our rating be at that time? Even if we got our AAA rating from S&P back tomorrow, which would be strange as with the five nations that got theirs back "Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland - they got it back over a period of 9 to 18 years," we would still have massive amounts of debt to pay down. (http://mojoe.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/08/08/7305462-can-the-us-get-back-its-aaa-rating)

But, that's our concern now - our country, our deficit and our way out of this tarnish we've been wiped with. To say we can just afford to build other countries and pay for security for billionaires is an insult to every working man and woman in America. It says we don't count and are not that important. "Vote for us and then shut the heck up. What we want are campaign contributions." Well we don't need to take that.

There are some promises that can be acted upon within the parameters of the powers of certain branches of government. People that made promises need to help Americans by spending as little as possible on wasteful things. This includes wars that have turned into missions of opportunity and plunder. There is no win in Iraq when it was a mistake to begin with.

The only things those claiming that want to win is face and campaign favors. We already won in Afghanistan, President Obama did that. A nation as fragmented and unstable as they are will take much more than 3 years to stabilize. Lets come home, focus on home and keep and bring the money back home and pay our debts and cut our costs back here in America. Let's stop sacrificing soldiers to help mining companies and oil companies that are already helping themselves America be damned. Reward us with the well deserved break in blood and treasure and watch us reward you.

To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.

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