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Anarchy in the UK

Check this out!!!

@wesome 09.Aug.2011 07:51


This is my favorite video from London so far:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIZV4YYQ2P8

@ "blanket conjecture" and why it sucks . . . 11.Aug.2011 13:46

kristin @ zero4cndct@aol.com

[i am posting this reply twice - here and in the other thread - one which i started, after being inspired by this one here. see > sharing: panic on the streets of london / august 9 . . .]

. . . no two anarchists are alike - in my opinion - this is the root of anarchist philosophy, then from autonomy comes no gods no masters no slaves. . . this is a quick statement and so i won't come close to saying all that i could, or want too. . .

but i don't even know that the rioters consider themselves anarchists or that they are acting in the name of anarchy - i doubt any of here in america - or anywhere that's not there - has any real clue as to what is motivating these INDIVIDUALS . . .

yet to lump all anarchists together - to point to one who does something you don't like or comprehend and then point to all of us and say congratulations morons or whatever you said . . . makes you sound like a moron in my opinion - if i think like you, then i could go on to make all-inclusive statements like "everyone who disapproves of anarchists sounds like morons" and so on.

for example - how many individuals calling themselves christians or republicans or whatever they label themselves as - have committed crimes against humanity? well in my opinion i can think of many reasons to say that anyone identifying themselves as republicans are assholes - period - but maybe i would be wrong - maybe there is an exception to this rule somewhere . . . but many people around the world identify themselves as christians - people who devote most, possibly all, of their whole lives to helping others and truly and earnestly hope to make the world a better place - while some christians exclude and persecute others and hold back the world from evolving ethically - and some people who consider themselves christians are homicidal maniacs, child molesters, rapists . . . so if one christian commits any crime - arson, looting, murder and so on - does their faith/philosophical background extend to all christians?

i certainly don't think so. i didn't arise at this conclusion overnight - it took me years of experience and ensuing wisdom to realize that a lot of 'christians" have given christianity - even faith in god - any concept of god - a bad name - i had to overcome my own biases to understand that at the root of the best of what is christianity - a lot of christians are awesomely kind and generous and wonderful people - and that the elitists in that faith don't own the right to feeling spiritually guided or having faith in something awesome and outside yourself.

my grandfather - before his death - was a southern baptist minister - i didn't know him very well - my mother left the south when i was 5 - we visited my grandparents only a few times following our moving away - what i learned from his belief system is that he was a racist, sexist, homophobic pig - and as a representative of christian faith - he gave christianity a really bad rap . . . but i have gone on to know and learn from other christians that he did not represent them all.

do you get my drift?

i don't ascribe to any organized religion, especially i can't conceive of patriarchal religions ever speaking for me - but i have been able to see past the weaknesses in these belief systems to the greater good - the higher ethics - that all kind-hearted altruistic people share - and in this way - god for me - is the greatest good in the universe - and believing in this goodness fills me up spiritually and for me - this is my source of faith - but it has no name or clearly defined rules etc - just as long as it is about truth and love and compassion and so on - i find my faith in this and try to be the best person i can be etc . . . but i am totally simpatico with the best of anarchist philosophy - anarchists have been getting a bad rap for a long time - and sometimes certain individuals who commit bad acts do this to anarchy - but i think the greatest resistance comes from those in power - whether it's church or government - who resist and condemn because they don't want to give up their authority, their ruling power - more than a distrust in humans to make good choices when they think for and "govern"* themselves (for lack of a better word at the moment) - because even with "law and order" - church and state - etc - really bad shit happens - cops kill - priests rape - politicians pillage - bombs get dropped - killing civilians en masse and destroying entire countries in one fell swoop - etc...

so - this is me right now - sharing some of my thoughts about all this . . .

anarchy and peace, kristin