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NEST seeks volunteers!

NEST is an all volunteer group of tree climbers & wildlife surveyors who work to stop logging in ancient forests! NEST conducts wildlife surveys in timber sales, with the intention to cancel sales that are valuable habitat to rare species of plants and animals. We seek field volunteers for summer 2011!
NEST climber ascends a tree - halfway up the canopy!
NEST climber ascends a tree - halfway up the canopy!
With summer well upon us, NEST is heading back into the field for another round of surveys!

NEST is seeking volunteers to join our survey camp!

We welcome people with climbing experience! Yet, experience is also unecessary. NEST is happy to train volunteers for all climbing and all skills needed for conducting surveys. People who do not wish to climb are also welcome to join, as equally important ground support.

NEST asks that people who do not have their own transportation join us for at least 1-2 weeks. Rides and pick-ups near the camp location may be arranged.

For people who do have their own transportation, we can provide directions. Directions to our camp sites will be kept with the in town contact person, who will be reachable at this email and at a phone number (which will be posted on the website soon). We also ask all volunteers to check in with town support people, before hearing into the field, in order to collect food donations - to resupply the camp.

As always, NEST welcomes donations of gear and/or funds. All kinds of camping gear, gps units, new or gently used climbing gear, shotline, caribeaners - steel and not, harnesses, a car battery, a solar panel, two way radios, compasses, and more... are among the many things on our wishlist! As NEST is a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible. Checks to "NEST" can be sent to PO Box 189/Eugene, OR 97440

If you would like to join NEST in the field, please contact us by email ( NESTCASCADIA@gmail.com) or phone (to be posted on the website soon!)


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