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Where is the outrage to come from?

from YOU!!!
Must Watch - Incredible Speech On The Need To Fight The Super Congress And Take Back Our Government
 link to blog.alexanderhiggins.com

Drugged 04.Aug.2011 13:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

This nation's people are too drugged to care about anything -- "drugged" in this case taking many forms.

Fewer Rich people and Corporations 04.Aug.2011 16:39


Great video. I try and explain this concept to my friends and it's like they just don't get it.
We need to eliminate the Rich in this country (not talking about killing, just taking their money
and giving it to the people it was taken from). And then eliminating corporations, so people can
be free of the man and get back to nature. Spending more time with nature than in concrete buildings
surrounded by artificial light, furniture, etc.

sad 04.Aug.2011 17:30


I walk around with all this sadness and tell others don't get me started on all these issues. But when I do get started talking on them, I get angry and angrier, so much so that my relatives walk away. They don't want to hear the truth. This video is awesome. We the people have been run over and it's frustrating that most Americans don't really know it.