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VETERANS FOR PEACE - National Convention Portland 2011

Portland Oregon August 4, 5, 6, 7
I have included video links to past (VFP) Veterans For Peace and IVAW related events.

Portland Oregon August 4 5 6 7


I {Joe Anybody} will be assisting with a their LIVE video Stream on Friday
Bmedia is assisting with LIVE streaming on Thursday

The following video links are from
my archives relating to Veterans For Peace Issues
Veterans For Peace

IVAW Seattle

IVAW Portland

War Resisting page

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/

live streaming 04.Aug.2011 16:41


Turn the volumn UP!

Video: VFP National Convention 2011 Art and Music. Tenacity of Hope 06.Aug.2011 17:11

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

A video clip of music art and poetry from the VFP convention in Portland on Thursday


Video: strwam archive from Thursday & Friday 06.Aug.2011 18:40

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

The streams from Thursday and Friday are now viewable here:


Video: some links to video footage from the VFP convention 07.Aug.2011 19:18

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Robert Jensen Video: Veterans For Peace National Convention. Robert Jensen Resistance to life is Futile:Motes on Revolution, Revolution and Redemption:

 link to www.archive.org
(video 50:00 min)


Rick Straggenborg Video:
Corporate Personhood Working Group:

 link to www.archive.org
(43:00 min video)


Brian Wilson and Rose Mary (montage) video:
"We Are All Connected"
(3:27 min video)


There are "Short Cell Phone Clips"
That I have posted on Qik from the conference and other related events
Watch them on my cell phone channel here:


More video footage still to come
right here on this portland indymedia page

VIDEO: Jim Page sings at VFP convention 07.Aug.2011 21:52


 link to www.archive.org

3 songs by jim Page at the 2011 VFP Convention

VIDEO: VFP Bridge crossing on Sunday to Hiroshima Remembrance Event 08.Aug.2011 14:07

Joe Anybody

VFP (Veterans For Peace) Portland Sunday bridge crossing to Japanese memorial park from the Peace Memorial park.
In commemoration w/ the event for Hiroshima at waterfront park, over 100 attend this memorial bridge crossing.

(10 min video)

Video: Brian Wilson and Rose Mary 08.Aug.2011 14:19

Joe Anybody

A montage of 2 clips on the same topic

"we are all conected"


Video: VFP National Convention: Plenary Friday: PTSD, MST TBI... 08.Aug.2011 22:51

Joe Anybody & Mobile T

VFP National Convention

Plenary Friday: PTSD, MST TBI...
This is the Friday Plenary on PTSD, MST, TBI and Other Veteran Health Issues.

Open Mic. Q. & A.

( 28 min video)

Video Links - Archived on my website 08.Aug.2011 23:47


I made a page on my website for all these video links to be archived


Video: Jim Page - 3 song set 18.Aug.2011 19:06

joe anybody

Jim Page Music Set at VFP National Convention 2011
3 song set on 8/5/11

Jim Page sings 3 songs at Veterans For Peace
National Convention 2011 in Portland
 link to www.archive.org

Full video has been edited into three short songs / clips

Part 1.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve0V1qI8Cao
Part 2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGYk8hQCxds
Part 3.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lvDYN-oW_k

Brian Willson - Video 20.Aug.2011 01:08


Brian Willson - VFP national convention Fiday 8.5.11

Brian was the keynote speaker on friday afternoon

 link to www.archive.org
(96 min video)

Video: Freedom Flotilla with Ann and Kathy 01.Sep.2011 16:48

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

87 min video filmed on Thursday afternoon at the workshop for "Freedom Flotilla" (Citizen Activism)

This presentation by Ann and Kathy included a picture slide show and their personal stories about the trip on the Freedom Flotilla.


Video: "Movement To End War" workshop 8.5.11 01.Sep.2011 16:56

Joe Anybody mobilet@joeanybody.com

(1 hour video)

This the video from the workshop called "Movement To End War".

This was part of the VFP National Convention in Portland Oregon at Lincoln Hall on the PSU campus.

The President of VFP (Elliot Adams) hosted this Friday workshop.

Filmed by Mobile T503