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Video: Sacrifice the Rich!

A ten minute video from a recent demonstration at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland Oregon protesting the betrayal of the people.

Sacrifice the Rich
Immediately after the Phony "Debt Crisis" was averted, Congress and the President having signed the legislation, a last minute impromptu protest was called to gather at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland to voice disapproval and outrage.

Thanks to Portland Jobs with Justice, word of mouth, Portland Indymedia and a quick page on Facebook, a fair amount of folks showed up, standing vocally on the east side of the Square. Numerous cars honked their support and approval for the brief hour that the gathering was scheduled to last.

I interviewed three people who demonstrated keen perception of the true underlying issues and consequences of the Legislative and Executive circus which has played out in Washington D.C. and in the Corporate media for the past few weeks.
All three stood up strong for the people, for the Communities that will suffer the brunt of these fiscal cuts, while those who make the decisions go on their sumptuous vacations, possibly to prepare another "Good cop, Bad cop" scenario to captivate, titillate and frighten the public into accepting what is not in their best interests...........

Sacrifice the Rich

1.2 trillion for the rich 21.Aug.2011 21:51


excellent protest & video 21.Aug.2011 22:31


Saw several of my peace friends speaking the truth.