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A Visionary's Report: Turning "Critical Thinking" video for med students on its head!

Amongst a slew of visionary-type insights, comes a slick new human programming technology --albeit "old hat" to many of you by now: interactive video, with positive feedback for those whom act "professionally" and will "get the job"
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Three parts to this "press release":

1. Turning "Critical Thinking" video for med students on its head!

Stumbled across this curious little interactive video put out by "Delmar CENGAGE Learning" while visiting a local community college (Clatsop). It's called "Critical Thinking Challenge", and seems to be nothing of the sort! (Surprise!?) In fact, it promotes very uncritical thinking in ones uncritical deference to Authority (i.e. The Doctor) over one's still intuitive tendency to want to remain in solidarity with fellow workers!

But it WILL capture the attention of young people, as it's certainly designed to do! Especially in how it plays out like one of those "pick your own adventure"-type books.

What we all need, of course, is to stop wasting our breath flaming such "developments" and put our creative intelligence where our greatest spirit is: by making true alternatives to this kind of indoctrination game! Something we can even upload onto college computers (and anywhere else)! Yes, I'm talking about Sneakware!

Or whatever other term is used these days for such gadgetry!

Perhaps I'm soooo far behind the times and there's ALREADY something just like this out there???!?

In other news:

2. Hunters help SPIKE TREES!

Every time hunters miss their targets, or shoot through their targets; every time they just shoot trees for the "fun" of it, they're SPIKING trees!

Think about this one a bit!

How much lead is in the average public (i.e. national or state) forest trees? Lots! What will happen when said trees are put through the mill? Hmmmm. Or will they all be automated by the time they reach "ripeness"?

3. Slash burns fill tourist skies with smog

Was noting a fire near the coast recently. It turned out to be a deliberate fire to burn "Slash"; that is, all the "trash" wood and debris cut from "the product" is piled in multiple piles, left for months or years (while local refugee critters move in), and then burned. Regardless of how not dry the wood actually is. And regardless of how much smog it adds to the global warning funk.

The smoke that came from merely two fires worked itself up to fill up an entire valley so that the smog moved clear around the mountain the fires burned on.

What a WASTE of clear, fresh air!

But, hey, stupidized coastal folk don't care, because it all is blown off by the wind (and taken west towards hated City folk, anyway!).

Good ol' alienation. Now, if only the wives of all these dumb-as-shit "country" men could get together and turn the tables a little: maybe withdraw sex from them when they so thoughtlessly pollute Mother Earth even further!

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