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Arab Spring, Rose Summer

A call for an occupation of Pioneer Square.
So team, how about an occupation of Pioneer Square, starting this Friday? Shouldn't we take a cue from Cairo and occupy our central square? After all, we have everything to be upset about, the latest rounds of austerity measures aside. Seriously, let's do it. Let the rest of the world that we too, are upset, that we care, that we actually give a shit. That we are unhappy with our war-mongering ways. That we actually give a shit about the people being killed in the name of our security.

What do you say?

we can't expect folks to mobilize in just two days time! 03.Aug.2011 12:00

organize! then mobilize!

I'd say give it at least a few weeks, or even longer ... this is a great idea, but making sure the call goes far and wide takes organizing and a little bit of time.

It might be nice to drop a bunch of banners all over town and decorate some billboards with an "occupy the squares on whatever day" message. Get a really solid concerted ad campaign going, I think that would help this to be more effective.

Also, pioneer square is a little small, though it is centrally located ... I wonder if there would be a more ideal location? What about encouraging folks to camp out and occupy a park instead? There is that huge field by the abandoned school near the Red & Black and the vegan mini mall ... why not make that a central rallying point? Why not occupy the school building, too?

So many possibilities!

september 17 - coordinate with the occupation of wall street! 03.Aug.2011 16:00

let's do this fuck yeah!

How about we coordinate this with the call to occupy Wall Street on September 17?


A west coast solidarity action, with our own local movement and initiatives for building community power!


October Action 04.Aug.2011 07:50

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

There is a major attempt to start a direct action in DC in October, we must support this action as there will mass arrest and a repeat of what you saw in Egypt. We must support this action here and do what must be done.


We must support this action
We must support this action

Organization 05.Aug.2011 01:33

Amano youwishyounewme@yahoo.com

I think that this sort of thing has been brewing for a while now, and that the Square is the perfect place and it's small enough to get crowded and draw people off of the transit in interest. We have the right and a reason in which to complain about, but let's focus on our relations to one another, instead of aligning ourselves against some dark evil, let's show those in charge, and those who try to stay above others, that we have the ability and desire to organize en masse whenever we want and for any reason we wish. The power is indeed numbers. All you have to do is care and do away with apathy.