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Angry liberals seek silver lining in debt deal and 7 videos

May we mend our own pockets and put the horse (14 million jobs and drying up the tax havens) before the cart (economic recovery/economic democracy)!
Robert Kuttner speaks about this at  http://prospect.org/.
John Kenneth Galbraith was appalled at the public squalor alongside private affluence. Shouldn't we all share in the growing productivity?
Angry liberals seek silver lining in debt deal
by Alec MacGillis, August 1, 2011, The Washington Post

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The US Dictatorship and its White House Servant `President'
by Finian Cunningham, www.globalresearch.ca
Aug 2, 2011  http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2011/08/115673.html

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2 Responses

Ed, on August 2, 2011 at 12:27 PM said:
Two important quibbles:
1. Obama did NOT promise to end the Afghan war. He said it was the "right" war and he would pursue it.
2, Most people I know are brainwashed to believe there IS an existential threat to the U.S. by Muslim terrorists, and most USans know (and care) little about how brutal U.S. foreign policy has created blowback.
To SpiritGeek: Republicans are the "bad" corporatist tools and Obama & the Democrats pose as the "good" corporate tools, but BOTH are corporate tools. Continuing to vote for corporate tools and expecting true change is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and expecting that to save the ship from sinking,
SpiritGeek, on August 1, 2011 at 11:06 PM said:
Still, I will take Obama over both Bushes, Reagan, Nixon, and all of the upcoming idiots vying for the Repub nomination, especially Bachmann. And Rick Perry? Talk about a shill for the Far Right! A devil in saint's clothing. Nope. We could be doing a lot worse.

"The Joke is on us," Jason Marks


Video: The Real Danger is Deeper Depression
Bob Polin Pt3: None of the fundamentals that led to the crash of 08 have been corrected

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How America Could Collapse

Video: BookTV - FreedomFest Pt1

Video: BookTV - FreedomFest Pt2

Video: BookTV - The Information Frank Rose Wired magazine
 link to www.booktv.org

Video: BookTV - Bob Dylan in America, 2011

Video: BookTV - A Tribute to the Historian Manning Marble, 2011

Rightwing Populism German

Making Sense of the Federal Canadian Election

Video: Robert Polin - www.therealnews.com
 link to therealnews.com

Relay - Winter 2011-2011- www.socialistproject.ca

Theory - www.socialistproject.ca

Tom Dispatch - Mike Davis - The Coming American Collapse July 27, 2011

Video: Homer Simpson, canary episode, April 2003

When Mr. Burns talks about how a canary is the C.E.O of the nuclear plant, he mentions how it has happened before with other companies, pointing out that the oil monopoly Standard Oil was owned by a "half-eaten breakfast."
Bart and Millhouse were making fun of baseball's most troubled teams (at the time), the Montreal Expos and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays respectively. The two also make fun of their respective pitchers Tomo Ohka and Esteban Yan in the episode.
Nelson's comment that Billy Crystal "is the man at the baseball park that everyone hates" is not the first time the show has insulted Crystal. In "New Kids on the Blecch" Marge says she is a "regular Billy Crystal", leading Bart to sarcastically quip "You got that right!" However, previously Bart has stated a fondness for Crystal, stating in "The Front" that he has no interest in award shows, unless "That delightful Billy Crystal is involved." Billy Crystal's name is on Homer's revenge list in the episode "Homer the Great".
The scene in which Burns mentions Smithers being taken to a Turkish prison eagerly is reference to Midnight Express and a man imprisoned in Turkey for smuggling drugs who willingly has a homosexual relationship with another prisoner.
The scene where Homer is chastised by Dr. Hibbert is a parody of the famous scene from The Paper Chase.
The product Homer uses all over his body is Oil of Oh Yeah, a parody of Oil of Olay.
The organisation chart Burns shows to Smithers has a crossed out picture of Frank Grimes from "Homer's Enemy" and a picture of the inanimate carbon rod from "Deep Space Homer".
The scene where Flanders sees Homer and Marge's bedroom from his bedroom, than turns off the lights as he is smoking a pipe is a reference to the movie, "Rear Window".

[edit] Production note
The fact that the barbecue at the end is billed as "Homer's 305th Everything Is Back To Normal BBQ" asks the question of how Simpsons episodes were numbered around this time. Officially, C.E. D'oh is the 306th episode in the show's history. However, if Barting Over is the 300th episode then this episode would officially be the 304th to air (unless the Who Shot Mr. Burns?-two parter is counted as one episode instead of two, making the theory that C.E.D'oh is the 305th episode a possibility).
Barney Gumble is seen sober again, even though he relapsed on "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can".


Homer vs Nuclear Power Industry
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