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Creating a Local Health Care Cooperative

pdx patients and physicians are creating a health care cooperative to provide local, affordable access to each other without the need for insurance.
PORTLAND, OR. -- Patients and physicians coming together to solve the healthcare problem, sounds like a fairy tale, right? Wrong. This magical place is real, and access to it is available for... EVERYONE. That's right, everyone. PDX is proudly the newest home of the community driven Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC) where patients and physicians work together to provide access to healthcare for people who cannot afford insurance.

The creation of the PPC comes at a time when many people do not have an affordable solution to gaining access to preventative and medical care. People who would want to change how health care is organized in their communities have banned together to join and support the PPC. This includes the self-employed, insured but would like complamentary care, those who work for small businesses, as well as, local primary care practitioners, such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physician's Assistants, Naturopaths, Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Nurse Practitioners.

The model is simple. Get rid of the insurance companies, pay the doctors directly, get healthcare. Members will pay a fee to join the co-op and in turn receive access to all of the physicians who are also members of the co-op for a set cost per month. Working PPC's already exist in Texas and North Carolina and have proven to be the model that changes the way communities think about and receive

Upcoming PPC Information Meeting - August 10th!


PDX patients and physicians are creating a Health Care Cooperative to provide local, affordable access to healthcare without the need for insurance!

Want to Learn More?

Come to our next meeting on

August 10th at 7 PM!
Mercy & Wisdom Headquarters
7411 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206

In the meeting room behind the Serene Care Clinic
Doors open at 6:30 PM for snacks & socializing

(Parking is available next door and across the street)

Patient Physician Cooperatives is having a donation drive for
Fish Emergency Services!

They provide food, clothing and household items for low income people & the homeless

Please bring items for the "Fishmobile"
to our August 10th meeting!

Here are some example of items they are in great need of:

Mens Clothes
Mens Shoes
Toilet Paper (Lots of it!)
Shaving Razors
Baby Food
High Protein Energy Drinks such as Boost
Juices (individual size)
Pasta (Spaghetti & Macaroni Noodles)
Rice Canned Fruits/Vegetables
Canned Vegetables
Refried Beans
Baked Beans
Snack Pack Puddings
Microwaveable Meals
Ramen Noodles
Bags of Apples/Oranges
Bags of Potatoes
Powdered Milk

These things will be loaded up into the wondrous "Fishmobile" where it can be distributed to those who really, really need it!
Copyright 2010 PPC PDX Cooperative. All Rights Reserved.THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE WE ARE A MEDICAL COOPEhealthcare.

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