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fbi covers up up crimes against humanity ongoing at Guantanamo Bay, evidently.

See reports from this ex fbi agent and from Special Agent Foley on how the fbi lawfully destroys whistleblowers.
Any Special Agent whistleblower of fbi (and cia) crimes and coverups is tortured, imprisoned, driven out of the country or murdered with total impunity as a matter of ***law. For more on how the fbi and cia function as serial killers see the ****links below. Also note that the fbi trains police leaders as serial killers at the fbi National Academy. The corrupt and cowardly Congress of the United States encourage the fbi to engage in all of the crimes described herein in order that they do not become victims of the kind of fbi extreme retaliation which is used to silence its own Special Agents.

See this report from fbi agent Theresa Foley who accurately observes that the fbi is (as I have *documented) a macabre and sick culture whose agents and operatives engage in or cover up torture, mayhem and murder:

 link to www.irishcentral.com

Foley was assigned to investigate inmates at Guantanamo Bay, but soon became an unofficial inmate of the same diseased ridden prison. She contracted a debilitating "...disease after being forced to share sleeping space with a colony of rats in Guantanamo Bay". She states, as I have often exclaimed,
'But when I think that it was my own government who's left me in this position, that's brought such misery... I can't give up. Or shut up. Or just go away.'
The disease that she contracted at the prison "... has left the 45-year-old Foley unable to walk on her own, and she suffers in pain from two spinal fusions, six other major surgeries and the effective loss of her right leg.
She was forced to live for 10 months in a squalid bungalow that hosted a colony of large rats and contracted a hideous bacterial disease called leptospirosis. Her doctors traced the infection that bored into her central nervous system back to the rats."
The Theresa Foley report on conditions at Guantanamo Bay is at once an indictment of the fiends who run the prison and a call for an investigation of the fbi agents who cover up atrocities committed there. As Foley observes, her
fbi colleagues seem more

"interested in soaking up the Cuban sun and rum than talking to terror suspects."

As the evidence suggests the fbi & the cia actually watch abuses in drunken stupor (and reflect upon same in moments of sobriety) as Guantanamo Bay officials knowingly force inmates (and now Foley) to suffer the life threatening conditions in the lock up. This same fbi criminal participation in the unlawful torture and murder of selected Targets (by infectious disease, bio-chem or psychoelectronic attacks) will continue around the world because the United States * *Congress (and the people who put them in office) allow it.


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