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boycott new seasons youtube promos

filmed live at pioneer square, portland, oregon - july 31, 2011
for your viewing pleasure (o:




i happened to be in the right place at the right time this weekend - and thanks to a youtube promotion happening in downtown portland - and my good luck charm and my friend who suggested we meet up there - on our way to sarah farahat's art show at settlement galleries >>  http://sarahfarahat.wordpress.com/participate/events/ - i was presented with an opportunity to make these 3 videos...

the people running the promotion were very cool and encouraging - yay for them and youtube.

from 10 am - 4 pm, sunday, these played on a giant youtube screen - with very loud audio - and tons of people passing by and/or stopping and watching. just a couple of yards away from th max stop - so even people on the train could see it if they were looking. it was awesome.

you get to select one of four scenes - i was encouraged to try out several - everything was improvised. i supplied my own props (o:

i had like 30 seconds to say what i wanted to say - i had to talk very fast - it's probably hard for a lot of people to understand everything i am saying (in the first video): this is what i am saying (or very close to it):

"new seasons market - markets themselves as "the friendliest store in town" - new seasons market is not friendly! new seasons censors art; they refuse to boycott/divest/sanction israeli apartheid (free palestine!); new seasons owns a factory farm where unhappy cows are drowning in their own excrement*, new seasons had me falsely arrested while violating my free speech rights; i say boycott new seasons! resist!"

[* i didn't know if i could say, 'shit'...]

anarchy and peace... kristin

homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/autumnshadefanzine

my boycott new seasons flyer provides this information at this time 07.Aug.2011 16:56

kristin angelique zero4cndct@aol.com

i first published this at this site in mid-july (you can find it in the compost if you don't believe me...whatever...if everyone fighting for a cause gave up because they were opposed - society would probably suck a lot more than it already does - i won't give up - that's the best promise i can make regarding this...) - but i updated my flyers after i learned more information about the art censorship, pacific natural foods etc, then again after i was falsely arrested during my peaceful protest (while distributing this information shown here)... i have been distributing one or more versions of this flyer, since july 7 or about that time - i will continue to update it as more information is brought to my attention...

my 2-sided flyer states this:

open call to boycott new seasons market
author: kristin angelique e-mail:  zero4cndct@aol.com

I am collecting and compiling complaints - and important/relevant stories - etc - for the boycott, which I am organizing against New Seasons Market. Also - if you want to help me to organize this boycott - please join hands with me - and please tell all your friends (o: Thankxs!

Here is an alphabetical list of 9 recurring complaints reported to me so far, by different people, although some people had multiple complaints. I added one more to this list. Please help me add your complaint to this list and/or to confirm the information, which I have gathered here. Thank you very much everybody!

*1. New Seasons Market CENSORS ART
 http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may182011/new-seasons.php Google this story for many more links!

*2. New Seasons Market tried to screw over a BICYCLIST hit by one of their trucks
[Note when this announcement is made!  http://newseasonsmarket.blogspot.com/]

3. New Seasons Market sells products from CHINA - without any supporting factual information regarding the labor and environmental standards behind these products...

4. New Seasons Market sells COCA COLA products
(Any educated person should get how very - not at all - progressive this is!)

* 5. New Seasons Market has a shameful personal/business relationship with a FACTORY FARM
= Bad environmental impact and unhappy cows (this is all the reason I need!*)

* 6. New Seasons Market tried to interfere with the FREE SPEECH rights of a former customer who has been protesting against their Seven Corners store. (That person is me - and this includes calling the police on me, 4 times! - and having me falsely arrested, on July 16, 2011!).

* 7. New Seasons Market refused to meet with boycott advocates/refuses to oppose Israeli apartheid
 http://www.auphr.org/docs/NewSeasonsBrochure2.pdf  http://www.auphr.org/docs/NewSeasonsBrochure2.pdf  link to www.usacbi.org

8. New Seasons Market sells products manufactured by NESTLE

9. New Seasons Market has security/personnel, which follow around certain customers, on a regular basis. Persons whom New Seasons Market presumes "fits the profile" of someone likely to SHOPLIFT (i.e. poor, anarchist, etc) - multiple accounts of these experiences reported to me! Has this happened to you or anyone you know? (According to 3 sources - they seem to be in "plainclothes" - as well.)

10. New Seasons Market is NON-UNION


disclaimer: you don't have to agree with, or think these are good reasons for, people shopping less at this business - or just as importantly, i think - encouraging this business to live up to their motto:
"the friendliest store in town"...

nobody is telling you what to do, or not to do - and again, except for my own animal rights philosophy (which is always strong at all times) and personally experiencing my rights being violated (MANY TIMES, since may 19) by the store's management - this list is what other people were complaining about, when i was talking to them, between june 28 and july 10. while, i do agree with the validity of these complaints, and acknowledge their own unique worthiness - it is my passion for helping animals - and my code of honor for standing up to bullies - which personally compels me to protest this store, on what i suppose is a larger scale, than i have been since june 28...

i am not dissatisfied with just passing out literature; rather i am not willingly passing up, a seemingly destined chance, to call for a critical mass of people - to speak out about the personal choices we make, when we go to the grocery store, and make profiteers richer - without grasping what goes on behind the scenes, in the making and marketing, of what some people call products - and what those of us refuse to accept animals being labeled as. animals are not products; animals are people, too!

i happen to believe that new seasons market is being unethical - in a multitude of ways - and to answer a good question: why single them out? well - they have been acting like absolute jerks for one thing - and they made this very personal for me, in doing so - but more importantly, in the bigger picture - i see preparation meeting opportunity. i also see, in their vast array of many otherwise, often like-minded customers - what might be a perfect voice against such behaviors - and an even wider audience, which might finally be willing to collectively listen.

most of all, i want to tell people about all these poor cows, living on two poorly characterized factory farms, which are closely affiliated with new seasons market, and how they are not happy cows! at the very least, they are being out-crowded by their own excrement-- this is shameful! according to their neighboring farmers: these cows are allegedly not getting much, if any, fresh air and/or quality time outdoors...

i have more to learn - and it might take a series of actions and inquiries for this all to come out - in order to really help these cows... i am just one person (that i know :o) - who is willing to try to make a difference - at this moment that is now. this is where i decided to start; i don't have a manifesto or a master plan - just an extremely strong feeling - that there are some cows who need our help.

peace, kristin.

"1-star rating
Pacific Natural Foods - Buys soybeans from China and refused to disclose the name of the organic certifier in China. Refused to respond to questions about the certification of their "organic" soybeans. Cornucopia wonders whether Pacific Natural Foods is engaged in "a marketing gimmick" when it claims its products are "Certified to the Source." (Certified by who?)"  http://www.naturalnews.com/026294.html

O P E N C A L L F O R A L L C O M P L A I N T S & S T O R I E S
(Substantiated reports are best, but don't be afraid to speak up!)

this is an update . . . 17.Aug.2011 15:23

kristin @

my newest flyer and the link to my newly created "boycott new seasons facebook page":

BOYCOTT NEW SEASONS! RESIST! new seasons market fraudulently slogans themselves to our community as "the friendliest store in town" - (naomi klein calls this manipulative maneuvering "logo-ing"). i do not think they are sincerely friendly - i think they are masking their capitalistic motives; i think they are jerks . . . new seasons censors art, new seasons tried to completely screw over a bicyclist hit by one of their trucks - new seasons owns and profiteers from a filthy factory dairy farm where hundreds of unhappy cows are drowning in their own s**t - new seasons refuses to oppose israeli apartheid - new seasons is non-union - new seasons has been accused by many customers of profiling them as would-be shoplifters - new seasons markets themselves as progressive yet sells unsubstantiated products from china, as well as products by coca cola and nestle - they have a butcher shop in each of their stores; this is not friendly - and it makes them even bigger hypocrites for championing themselves as "leaders in sustainability" . . . new seasons market arbitrarily trespassed me - and then tried to squelch me when i sought to prove my innocence - following this i protested against them for being so unfriendly and they attempted to entrap me while i was distributing protest materials - first violating my free speech rights and then seeking to have me falsely/unwarrantedly arrested and dishonestly accused me of criminal trespassing - new seasons is on pr frenzy overdrive because one of their owners is hoping to buy their way into being the next mayor of portland by outspending other candidates though they have never held any public office - her name is eileen brady and she is using the facade of new seasons friendliness and progressiveness as her platform . . . (my name is kristin angelique)