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Immediately Action needed

The Oregon Department of Forestry's comment period for the Draft 2011 Elliott State Forest Management Plan ends tomorrow! (Aug. 1st) This plan if implemented would nearly double the amount of clear cutting happening in the Elliott every year for the next foreseeable future. We are asking everyone to write a comment before the deadline expires.
Comment here  ODFStateForestsComments@odf.state.or.us

The Elliott State Forest is being hit with some of the most devastating clear-cutting happening in Oregon. These cuts are happening on slopes steeper the 60 degrees that lead into fish bearing streams. The coastal state forests of Oregon are known being checker boarded with clear-cuts, the Elliott takes this to new heights destruction.

Sometimes using every tool in the tool box means the doing things that aren't always the sexiest. If you have never submitted a comment, it can be somewhat cathartic. You can say whatever you want really. As long as you say why you don't want clear cuts in the Elliott.

Stand in solidarity with us at the Blockades, stand in solidarity with us on the comment period!

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