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Putting 15 million back to work idea

Barbara G. Ellis ask the question: Why not a WPA-II? We do have that civilian army of 15,000,000 unemployed, which could tackle the $2.2 trillion dollars of vital work needed by 2014 on our ramshackle infrastructure system.
Put 15 Million Back to Work Fixing $2.2 Trillion in Infrastructure: the Works Progress Administration

Saturday 23 July 2011

by: Barbara G. Ellis Ph.D., Truthout | Op-Ed

(Full Article)  http://www.truth-out.org/put-15-million-back-work/1311271379

[[Perhaps all is not lost for the republic's economic future, even as its leaders let this nation hurtle toward the abyss of the Great Depression II. An immensely successful, sensible and practical solution is being signaled by increasingly thunderous shout-outs from prominent people: pundits Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, Rich Lowry, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, filmmaker Michael Moore and two new web sites - not to mention millions of voters with long memories and the friends and families of the nation's 15,000,000 unemployed.

Their solution? Resurrect the phenomenally successful Works Progress Administration (WPA) of 1935-1943. It put food on the table, kept a roof overhead and put spending money in the pockets of nearly nine million jobless. They built everything from roads, bridges, dams and utility systems to schools and hospitals. They staffed libraries and taught more than a million adults and 90,000 draftees how to read.

Why not a WPA-II? We do have that civilian army of 15,000,000 unemployed, which could tackle the $2.2 trillion dollars of vital work needed by 2014 on our ramshackle infrastructure system.

Unlike the untold billions spent today - almost unquestioningly - on foreign wars and occupations and economic aid and infrastructure, the WPA's annual $2 billion budget was scrutinized by bitter enemies in Congress for every nickel it squeezed from the Treasury and for any whiff of abuse.]]

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umm....it is not about people "working" 01.Aug.2011 10:29


Capitalism is dead.

We don't need to put 15 million people back to "work".

those people should be FREE. I don't see how getting people to work - forced labor?

is going to help the environment or humanity.

work-fare. 01.Aug.2011 12:21


Government do-nothing jobs that transfer the money to people is not the answer. Its much cheaper to just mail them a welfare check. The average cost of the 2009 stimulus bill was over $180,000 per job.

The answer is for government to help people create their own jobs, real jobs, so they don't end up slaves at walmart, so the become productive tax paying citizens. So they can feed their families with the work they do. Jobs where their work has meaning and purpose. Self-employment is the hardest job to have but its also the best job to have.

how are 15 million gonna survive then 01.Aug.2011 14:05

please do tell

millions are out of work

and you two want to see the tailspin go down even further?

people are hungry and have no funds to eat, live, and have their health

zilch income and they are hurting now and will be tomorrow and they been there yesterday

oh nooooo, god forbid we create any jobs for these 15 million

fuking working all day is not a handout or welfare [think about it]

society needs ways to survive, currently it is cold hard cash that will get you food, shelter, and health care.

the system sucks the trap has sprung people need relief (jobs)

and you two want to blow it all off - status quo - fuk em you say?

don't hurt yourselves trying to offer solutions to the 15 million

its easier to armchair this with a cold beer in one hand and a good dose of factiousness

Human Rights 01.Aug.2011 14:09






No Medicine

Not Free

Nor Fun

Reality Check Please

Or please explain how "they have it made in the shade"

Not all government jobs are created equal. 01.Aug.2011 16:25


There are government job openings right now. Free Health care, Free room and Board, You sign up for 4 years in the Marine Corps and go fight in Afghanistan. I assume these are not the types of government jobs you are referring to.
Again, I don't see the role of government as one that is suppose to create government jobs. This is not the 1930s, this 2011. This doesn't work well at all in every country its tried in.
I see governments role as helping people via education, training, grants and loans, tax incentives, etc. that helps people get or create good jobs. Not only living wage jobs but prospering wage jobs. High paying private sector jobs, self employment type jobs, that allows these people to do better than their parents and become tax payers.
Handing people a government job in mass is Itchy and Scratchy, where Itchy feeds Scratchy his own stomach over and over. It has net nutrition gain, and that's the best you can say about it.

Hard to believe 01.Aug.2011 17:25


people are sounding like republicans in here, complaining about jobs, wanting to work.
I think they should take a look at the portland model where young people come to retire.
it's real and it works.

where young people come to retire? 01.Aug.2011 17:58


please explain?

young people coming to portland to find work, raise a family and retire when the time comes?

not republican 01.Aug.2011 20:58

privatization sucks

Just an FYI

The author here is as farther from being a republican than anyone commenting here, saying that she is.
I would go so far as to say, she for years was a Democrat and walked the halls in DC many times as an activist citizen
Now she is (if I am correct) ditched the Dem's and is part of the Oregon Progressive party.

Not that any of that matters.
What matters is the content of her article and her ideas.
Read her full article on TruthOut:  http://tiny.cc/yrhri

Sure, and off the record I am so anti capitalist I cant stand it.
(but) I still have to pay for my meal in the morning and my way to and from work (yes, I have a job)
Hell yeah I would love to be an activist all day and just read politics about anarchy and socialism
But meanwhile in all fricken reality I have bills to pay, constantly, and I need a way to do it
Thank goody ness I have a job at the moment to help myself survive

In the meantime I am trying to change the system
I would prefer the banks fade away, the IMF dissolve, the federal reserve become irrelevant and the capitalist machine screech to a halt. But until I figure out how to get a free Internet connection and computer, home and food, etc, I'm glad I'm not one of the 15 million that doesn't have a job.

To fix up our country, and create jobs, to repair roads, parks , community places, *with government funded jobs sounds good to me. I say tax the rich and use the money to create the jobs that the "private sector" stole from the middle class.
The government is spending 48% of our taxes for the military for Pete's sake, lets spend it on improving our own country.

15,000,000 people can't steal stuff from New Seasons. 02.Aug.2011 05:30


We can't all "steal stuff" from new seasons.

Talk about unsustainability.

15,000,000 people can't move to Portland and "retire". Plus, I'm morally opposed to theft. I don't wish to become what I complain about. Corporations steal a lot and individual Portland "retirees" steal a little, but it's still theft.

You are giving progressives a bad name.

Morally opposed to theft 02.Aug.2011 16:50


Well FYI the Moral Majority have created huge problems in this country that have contributed to the current economic conditions, so you are in somewhat of a catch-22.
does the physics that control the planets and stars have morals? Please show me scientific proof of morals.

zed, dude, I feel sorry for you man 03.Aug.2011 10:28


You are free to chose to live your life however you wish. If you feel that our economic system is unjust, unfair, and morally corrupt and use this as justification for your equally bad behavior then that's your loss. However, if you come crying to the police and the system for justice when you get robbed or family gets raped and or murdered because they may ask you, if the moon and planets can not return justice, how do you expect a lowly human institution such as the US government to when its citizens have decided to be equally worthless?