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Prometheus Radio Project in Portland

Prometheus's National Organizer Jeff Rousset is arriving in Portland Monday. Jeff and Prof. Steve Levinson will be talking with groups in the region about the chance to start a low power community radio station.
If you want to learn about the opportunity to start a station then please RSVP by email to Jeff ( jrousset@prometheusradio.org, cell: 845-642-8145) for one of the following events. If you can't make either of these you can email or call Jeff to set up a meeting, speaking engagement, or workshop.

Tuesday 8/2, 10am @ Sisters of the Road, 133 NW Sixth, Portland, OR (see map), with Jenka Soderburgh of KBOO (Portland full power community station)

Thursday 8/4, 4pm, @ Helios 120 W. Broadway, Eugene, OR

Thursday 8/4, 7pm @ CALC 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR

Wednesday 8/10, 6pm @ Hollow Earth Radio, 2018 E. Union St., Seattle, WA

Contact us to set up more events!

As early as June 2012 applications will be due for nonprofits and community groups to seize thousands of new community radio stations across the country. The Northwest currently has one of the densest concentrations of community radio stations. We are excited to help grow this vibrant independent media infrastructure. At a time when corporate media are often a bigger part of the problem than the solution, radio in the hands of the people can be a powerful tool for building community and organizing for justice. If you want a station or know social justice groups in the Northwest with an important message - get in touch with us!

Jeff will be in the Northwest at least until 8/11. Please email or call him as soon as possible to set up a meeting, workshop, or speaking engagement.

Prometheus Radio Project
P.O. Box 42158
Philadelphia, PA 19101
United States