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Slutwalk Portland

Hundreds turned out for the Portland Slutwalk - a global movement which began in Toronto last year after a police officer told girls to stop dressing as 'sluts'. Organized by Sterling Clark,Ryan Basille and Sophia St. James, the day was a big success. Portland Oregon, 07/31/2011.
After meeting on at the Terry Schrunk Plaza on SW Jefferson and 4th Avenue a few speeches were given by the organisers and other contributors who have been victims of sexual assault.

Sterling Clarke stressed the importance of sex positive safe places in which an open dialogue for sexualised violence should be created so that there is a safe outlet for those affected. "Pain does not defy us," she said, "we are blessed to have survived."

Ryan Basille suggested that as a result of her experiences she has become a "tender warrior." She views sexual justice as "the right to say yes without shame or fear."

Sophia St. James, who works across many adult orientated industries, recalled an incident in which she offered a room in her house to a friend, who abused her respect and friendship and assaulted her whilst her child was sleeping in the same house. Teary eyed, she explained how no-one in the community would help her. She also spoke of the disproportionate attacks against LGBTI communities.

For more pictures please visit -  http://www.demotix.com/news/773598/slutwalk-portland

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One Thing For Certain 03.Aug.2011 12:55

Alex Rinchet

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