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Cutting social security and Medicare is defaulting against you.

Cutting social security and Medicare is defaulting against you.
Cutting social security and Medicare is defaulting against you.

As the congress and the executive battle over the budget it is clear from the rhetoric that default is on the table. It's a question of how much and who the US should default.

The media is full of words like entitlements instead of trust when the obligations of social security and Medicare are discussed. So the media also takes a side in the propaganda.

Worse than this ruckus is the fact that there is not a paradigm shift in the economy that will fix the economy.
US spending have created jobs in the defense-prison-security sector; but not in health, education, and small green businesses.

Imagine if the homeowner were bailed out instead of the banks. Imagine a tariff on finished good. Imagine taxing the ober-rich

cuts happening right now 31.Jul.2011 14:46


All this talk about future cuts is BS in a way because these cuts are already happening. SSI payments in California are being reduced by as much as 20%. They use an array of excuses too. If you were evicted and were homeless for a bit, they will make you pay them back for those rent-free days in the back of your car by reducing your payments until they're satisfied you are "even" with the pittance dispensary. And Medi-Cal? Several counties in N. Cali have turned over all Medi-Cal operations to a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE COMPANY who assign you your doctor, and limit visits to him or her to FIVE A YEAR! Limits on prescriptions too. This is the new Obama "Health Plan" for the disabled. And dental? Fergetabouddit! All they pay for is pulling that tooth out of your skull. So let the politicians scream and play-act about "entitlements", it's just a show for the media. They are already eliminating what's left of the safety net a link at a time while we wonder what they're "going" to do in the future. The future is HERE.

obama just agreed to cut it, twice. 31.Jul.2011 19:19


Obama just agreed to cut it, not once but twice, with no tax increases.

How many broken promises by Obama does this make? I've lost count.