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Bering sea cod co-op just paid off dems and repubs for derailing
enforcement of restrictions in western aleutian.
when you target 1 fish and inadvertantly catch more, and kill or pummel all unnecesary fish that could feed the working poor and the starving in downtowns , u.s.....
boy cott Freezer longline coalition
kickout Marine steward council )seattle global office) issuing bogus Sustainable fishery certificate to Freezer longline coalition , when members of (f/v baranof and f/v courageous) destroy a fishing hole over a 12 month period , without ever tallying 1 bycatch..therefore manipulating interpretation of bycatch laws and violating the sanctity of noble efforts to create sustainable harvests ,that dont allow 3rd world aquaculutre substitutes as trade imbalance of hedge fund fronted fishng companies sellout and cheat up to 81.9% of pounds harvested never paid on,, that starve local u.s.