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PDX Report Back from SHAC Global Day of Action Against Customers of HLS

PDX Activists join the SHAC Global Day of Action by focusing on shareholders of Astrazeneca
Friday, July 29th - Today, about 20 compassionate Portland activists joined the SHAC Global Day of Action against customers of HLS in solidarity with other AR activists across the world. For us here in the City of Roses, all eyes were on shareholders of Huntingdon's most hated customer, Astrazeneca (AZ). Today marked the second time this month AZ shareholders were targeted in the area.

First up, activists descended on the Portland offices of Invesco at 1000 SW Broadway #1110. Invesco remains the second largest shareholder in AZ and a priority target for US activists disgusted by their bloody investments. It was a perfect day for demoing and tons of people were out on the streets. Upon arrival, the activists unfurled their banner shaming Invesco and AZ and before long, three bullhorns started up and individual activists took turns recounting the horrific stories of animals subjected to AZ's cruel toxicity and inhalation tests inside HLS. People passing by were shocked by what they heard and after a few minutes, 2 more compassionate people who had never heard of Invesco, AZ or HLS decided that they wanted to join the protest, picked up a sign and started chanting with the rest of the crowd. As the demo got louder, people poured into the streets to see what all the commotion was about. Countless fliers were handed out and the truth about Invesco's horrific investments was made clear to everyone in the streets and surrounding buildings.

Once the activists were satisfied with the turnout at Invesco's offices, they decided to trek a few blocks away to another busy spot of town at 1 SW Columbia St. #1550, home of AXA's Portland office. AXA, is the third largest shareholder in AZ and has received countless demos across the world in protest of their cruel investments. Once in position, the activists turned up the 3 bullhorns and started shaming AXA for their decision to support animal torture at HLS. Like clockwork, security came out to try and stifle the protest, but the activists continued on. People again poured into the streets to see what what all the chanting was about and many more fliers were handed out. It was a great day for activism and one day closer to the closure of HLS.

A note to Invesco, AXA, and any shareholders of HLS customers in the US (and the World): You can throw us in jail, you can try to scare us with ridiculous legal threats and you can pay for all the security you think will halt the protests, but our drive to Close Down HLS will NEVER stop until the murder of innocent animals HLS comes to an end.


- Portland Animal Defense League & Anti-HLS PDX

homepage: homepage: http://pdxanimaldefenseleague.org