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Time For Public Sector Unions to Fight Back

An Op-Ed piece summarizes the attacks on unions playing out across the nation with state workers battling aggressive budget cuts while they bargain their collective agreements.
Time for Public Sector Unions to Fight Back
Friday 29 July 2011
by: Shamus Cooke, Truthout | Op-Ed

The media attack on public sector unions has reached a timely zenith, perfectly in sync with the politicians' anti-union deathblow. This coordinated campaign is happening nationwide, and includes Democratic and Republican marauders on a state-by-state basis. There are several state battlegrounds where this war is coming to completion, but no winner has been declared. If Democratic and Republican governors are able to force massive concessions on public sector unions - and the corresponding cuts to the services their members deliver to the public - the labor movement and the social safety net will both be decimated, paving the way for even more brutal, future attacks.



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