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Walking like an Egyptian SHOULD (2nd try)

Walking like an Egyptian should have walked
Snazzy logo: "walk like an Egyptian".

But maybe the organization should be called "walk like an Egyptian SHOULD", considering that the Egyptian uprising fell well short of achieving much, perhaps because inexperience led them to believe that change would arrive with a change of figurehead. And why not believe it? 300 Million Americans believe the same lie every four years, only to be disappointed months after inauguration. Egyptians are rising up again, realizing that they got dicked by Mubarak's dethroning in a puff of smoke and mirrors, and that the real power structures remain untouched. But now the momentum has been lost and may take years to re-emerge, giving elites ample time to maneuver and adapt. That's the essence of of how elites stay in power. We must be wary of the same folly.

Elections, token minority politicians, cabinet re-shuffles, social democracy, authoritarian movements, etc., are just different paths to the same slaughterhouse.

The real solution, is putting people fully and directly in charge of our world and destiny, without middle men to manage, delude and enslave us.

Note: No offense against the Egyptian organizers is intended. We've made this mistake before ourselves in recent history: our smashingly successful global justice movement got broadsided by the emergence of two seemingly eternal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, draining the energy from and diffusing out our social justice agenda which we proclaimed with transcontinental loudness and with succint clarity on a drizzly tuesday in 1999.