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Cover Up Caught On Camera: 6 Police Officers Taser And Beat Homeless Man To Death

A shocking video has been released allegedly showing police officers tasering and beating a homeless man to death who they claim was resisting arrest.

Video footage of 6 Fullerton, CA police officers tasering and beating a homeless man to death exposes a cover up that local officials refuse to answer questions about.

Though the video is not clear, eye witnesses say the homeless man - Kelly Thomas, 37 - was unable to put up any resistance and was lying on the ground on his front when the attack took place on July 5.

His screams and cries for his father can be heard amid the tasering noises.
Corporate news coverage of the event downplays the prospect of police brutality or foul play in the incident.

ABC video report on the eyewitness statements and recently a released video of the beating captured by a bystander, both attached to this page below, contradict the official story of the incident given by the police.

The LA Times report on the incident, however, echoes the official police story failing to report within the article itself the claims from eyewitnesses.

As shown in the ABC video below, witnesses report that the man was not resisting arrest. They tell ABC he was actually knocked unconscious while the police continued to beat him and scream at him to stop resisting.

But in over three weeks since the incident little has been done as the apparent police cover up has continued.

Local residents report that public officials have stonewalled the public and media who are trying to get an official statement on the story.

The district attorney has so far remained silent on the issue. Bystanders who witnessed the deadly beating claim they have not been contacted by the city for their testimony about the incident.

One citizen reports he was finally able to corner the Mayor into making a statement to the public. In this this YouTube video of the Mayor stated, "You don't start talkin' about things if your trying to get the answer."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=w84LUUYWrsI

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angry! 27.Jul.2011 17:53


Gawd, this makes me angry. At the time, people are helpless.

Think about this statistic 29.Jul.2011 09:04

Jody Paulson

You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than in a terrorist attack.
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