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Activist Blockade Elliott State Forest in Coos County

Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Earth First! are making efforts to save Elliott State Forest
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Elliott State Forest activists issued a cease and desist order 28.Jul.2011 08:53


Elliott State Forest activists issued a cease and desist order

Law enforcement informed activists blockading the site of the Elkhorn Ranch Timber Sale that a cease and desist order has been issued. Beginning tomorrow morning law enforcement will begin efforts to enforce the order by forcibly extracting activists occupying a blockade established yesterday morning. Media are encouraged to arrive early or even to spend the night if they want to be able to get close enough to observe law enforcement.
According to Jason Gonzales, a spokesman for the Cascadia Forest Defenders, the activists are optimistic that they can hold their location, but even if they are forced to stand down they will continue to operate in the area. Gonzales did not know who signed the cease and desist order.
From media release
Law Enforcement has arrived at the Tree-sit and blockade at the Elkhorn Ranch Timber Sale in the Elliot State forest. Protesters at the site have been warned that Law Enforcement will attempt to forcibly extract anyone remaining at the blockade at noon on thursday july 28th, the protesters do not plan to leave and expect to be able to protect this location as long as it takes.
Due mainly to a lack of road signs in the state forest, many media organizations have had a hard time getting to the location of the blockades, but the protestors are still encouraging there presence in the morning to document what will happen when the troopers arrive. For this reason, we have arranged an opportunity for media vehicles to rendezvous with a vehicle able to escort them all the way into the blockade. These Vehicles will be meeting at the easy to find intersection of Hwy 38 and Loon Lake Rd between Elkton and Reedsport, at 8 : 30 am on thursday July 28th. Any vehicles that arrive at this intersection by 8:30 am can be assured that they will make it into the location of the treesit and road blockades, barring police interference, well before the closure warning takes effect.
Contact :  forestdefensenow@gmail.com
If you want to cover this story or bear witness to the events the directions are here
Direction for media to Elliot Actions
Use you Odometer, State forest road markings are incredibly unreliable.
From Hwy 38 between elkton and reedsport
Turn on to loon lake road
After Camp Creek Road, Take Right onto SFR 7700 Cougar Pass Road for 2.6 miles
Take a right at SFR 7000 Umpcoos ridge road for 1.3 mils
Turn Left at 7600 for 15.5 miles
Turn Right at 8000
From this point, there are 2 seperate areas you can go to you can either
Turn Right at 9300
Walk past slash pile to action
Turn Left at 9000
Turn r at 9300
walk past slack pile to action

Update on Elliott State Forest blockade-protests “attacked by heavy machinery” 28.Jul.2011 08:55

Thursday July 27 repost

Media release
Update : This Blockade has been attacked by heavy machinery but is still standing, Media is strongly encouraged to arrive onsite to document what is currently a very dangerous situation where people with heavy machinery have already nearly caused to people to fall to their death.
Media directions have been removed at the request of Cascadia Forest Defense in the interests of public safety.

Update-two blockades bulldozed but third stands strong 28.Jul.2011 08:56

July 27 update

News from the protest at the Elliott State Forest

"... currently, 2 blockades which were closing an entire road have failed due to one being bulldozed, and the other chose to hike in to fortify a third blockade. Currently, our blockade stronghold is at the Elkhorn Ranch Timber Sale, which is an 86 acre clear cut off of road 9300 directly above the millicoma, and looks to be able to hold for a good long time."
Before these logs and jobs are shipped to Asia you might want to take the time to find out more about this blockade and why it is being held at Cascadia Forest Defense
UPDATE Media including KPIC in Roseburg and The World in Coos Bay are or will be soon on site to cover this action.