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The Unsettling Report: art and commentary re: Unsettling Ourselves Sourcebook

topics covered include digging deeper than popularized critiques like that made against patriarchy, cultural apropriation, and the rigidities of political correctness (PC) in general. There's a lot to cover, so only one excerpts to whet your appetite is given here. In the main text, you'll also hear (if you haven't already) excerpts from Jason McQuinn's insights on 'guilt vs desire in liberation movements' (a crucial one for those being mobilized along PC lines)
the proverbial youth unsettles his groanups
the proverbial youth unsettles his groanups
Just had a nice little article all ready to publish when, with the flick of one button by accident (!), the whole thing was GONE! Argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway, to re-cap...

Basically, i wanted to provide a link to a two-part commentary (and some art up on top of the blog) that i've been working on for some months regarding the Sourcebook mentioned in the title (subheading: "Reflections and Resources for Deconstructing Colonial Mentality"). i think that the more independent and critically thinking amongst you may find some refreshing stuff here!

Comments are made in response to only a few of the writers, so far. Included are: Waziyatawin, Andrea Smith, Courtney, Claire, Dan Spalding, and then some random responses giving only page numbers. (Feel free to forward this to the folks mentioned!)

Page 205:
"This is a letter to those who remember that they too were once resisters of colonization."

All of us still are, in myriad ways still resisting colonization (turning us from our original purposes into the mining, digestive, and colon of the dominating system); tho we're mostly lacking articulation and even a consciousness that can grasp this bigger picture (and neither the Left nor Right is any help there, since they are part and parcel of this picture).

Take teenagers; they intuitively dissent from heavy-handed authorities, yet they lack any frame of reference (except what they may stumble upon and "precociously" figure out) for the bigger picture of what is going on against them in a macro way, yet they persist. And today, such inarticulate dissent is being given a psychiatric label, i.e. "oppositional disorders", aka "Oppositional Defiant Disorder". Look it up in the DSM IV!

Go ahead, step up and challenge me on this one. Give me a hypothetical challenge, or whatever else is your best!

When it comes to dealing with the dominating chain-of-command system, ALL human beings are to reduce themselves and obey the confines Given! From "elites" on "down" to we stupidized masses!

Note: The link to J.McQuinn's text is not a religious one. And, if you wander away from the linked page, you may find yourself re-directed to a now defunct site (one which was bought anonymously and made to look illegal, serving to discredit the original owner). If you enter the original url into the page, with that url/file end you want, you'll see what you're looking for.

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