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Video: Papa Murphy's Protest 2. - Portland Oregon pizza workers Rise Up

Filmed on July 22 2011 in Portland Oregon on NE 15th and Fremont
This is the second protest that is been organized in the last month, regarding these pizza workers. Young people are standing publicly to expose the unfair treatment of workers at the pizza restaurant in their community. Demanding justice, the management ignores their demands. this is protest is number 2# outside Papa Murphy's Pizza on NE 15th and Fremont in Portland Oregon.
"Wanna Know what all the Fuss is? ... Were Standing up for Justice".

The 15 minute video of Protest #2 is on YouTube here:

The number of protesters grows to 5o at the height of theirs 4 hour protest on Friday July 22.

Over 200 hundred flyer's were handed out.

Food, chanting , speeching and community interaction.

One person passing by was said to of gone home ... made a sign and came back to stand in solidarity.

Other local labor groups were on hand to show support and stand in solidarity with the pizza workers.

Chanting "Papa Murphy's is Rich and Rude and we Don't Like Their Attitude" ...the group took a couple marches along 15th street.

The YER "Youth Empowerment Revolution" which is a new start up group announced more actions and rallying in the near future.

The protest will continue at all three stores, was announced and more info will be on the YER FaceBook page which I dont have at the moment.

This protest was organized by YER "Youth Empowerment Revolution" and with the solidarity of other groups and individuals; over 50 people stand in union demanding justice from the management of the pizza outlet for a variety of concerning issues.

Papa Murphy's Protest Video Number 1# is here:

Contact information for YER is here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com